Vol. 12, No. 18 Sept. 23 - Oct. 6, 1999



By Jules Ira Rubenstein

We asked Norwood residents if they agreed with President Clinton's decision to free the Puerto Rican FALN nationalists.

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"I agree with Clinton's offer of clemency.  I think they served enough time.  I think certain people get out of jail that have committed far more heinous crimes than these particular individuals and they get out sooner than these folks."

Al Galterio

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"The president gave them amnesty.  I respect his judgment.   He's our president and we should follow him." 

Carlo Silva

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"I think it's not proper policy to let terrorists out of jail, no matter who they are.  I don't think he's motivated by anything else but to get votes for his wife."

John Walsh


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"I don't agree with what President Clinton did because if they did that type of crime before, they're going to do it again."

Jhobanny Olivares


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"I think it's wrong because they threatened our country, they bombed our country, and I feel that it's wrong for them to do that."

Jennifer Quinones

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