Vol. 11, No. 17 Sept. 10 - 23, 1998


Norwood News Editorial
Norwood Teacher Made Her Mark

PS 56 teacher Eileen McGuire doesn't live in Norwood but you'd never know it. If you look out your window you might see her painting graffiti-covered mailboxes, sometimes alone, sometimes with her students in tow. She goes about her community work quietly, but that doesn't lessen its impact.

Walking down Bainbridge Avenue with McGuire is akin to taking a stroll with Barney the Dinosaur. Young students leave their parents in the dust to beat a path to the popular educator. Kids love her and she loves them.

Eileen, a Bronx native, was recently appointed as an interim acting assistant principal at PS 279, also in District 10. It's a well deserved appointment and we congratulate her.

Though PS 56 and its students will be deprived of McGuire's devotion, the entire community has been enriched by her many years of service. McGuire, who is also a member of Community Board 7, says she hopes to continue to participate in local activities. We hope so, too, but if the past is any guide, we have a feeling she will get pretty attached to her new school community, too.

McGuire's commitment to serve the community beyond the schoolhouse door and after the last bell rings is remarkable and we hope that others will emulate her fine example.

We wish Eileen the best of luck in her new position at PS 279.

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