Vol. 11, No. 17 Sept. 10 - 23, 1998


Norwood News Editorial
Vote for Better Neighborhoods

Primary Day is Sept. 15. We urge all of our readers to vote.

As we've said many times before on this page, elected officials know where the votes come from. And the more people that vote in a particular community, the more attention it receives from its representatives in government. It's a simple reality of our political system.

It's not an accident that no elected official maintains a district office in Norwood or Bedford Park. Only Fordham Road, the southernmost boundary of our readership area is home base to a few of our politicians. Instead, those that are elected to serve our communities are bunched up in Riverdale, Kingsbridge and the Pelham Parkway area.

More votes in Norwood, Bedford Park and Fordham Bedford may not inspire politicians to set up shop here but a better turnout at the polls will certainly cause officials to spend more time in our neighborhoods.

And, of course, much more is at stake. Who are the best candidates to address school overcrowding, the Kingsbridge Armory, the Croton filtration project? Anyone seriously considering representing our communities must have well-thought-out positions on these crucial issues. The more people from our communities vote, and the more voters raise these issues with their representatives after the election, the higher our issues will be on the public agenda.

Because Bronx elections are mostly decided in the Democratic primary, getting to the polls next week is as important as showing up in November.

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