Vol. 11, No. 17 Sept. 10 - 23, 1998


Toribio on Jerome

The Dominican-American hostess Celines Toribio (pictured) brought her popular program "Sábado Al Mediodía" (Saturday at Noon) to Jerome Avenue, on Sat., Aug. 29. A crowd gathered to see the star of the game and variety hour, who brought prizes for her young fans. The show is broadcast on Channel 41, the local affiliate of Spanish-language network, Univision.

"We wanted to do something for the Spanish community," said Annette Joseph, manager of the new Burger King restaurant on Jerome, where the program was filmed.

"We conctacted the station and they were very respectuful of he idea of coming here. It was a nice day."

Two bands, Nuyorican Salsa Boys and Cristian Scala entertained spectators.


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