Vol. 12, No. 12 June 17 - 30, 1999



By Jules Ira Rubenstein

We asked Lehman College students for their opinions on the critical report on CUNY just released by a committee appointed by Mayor Giuliani.

"Giuliani's putting a lot of 'flak' on CUNY schools, and basically there are a lot of good students here. If you put down a place, the people are going to do worse. So, rather than trying to help us, it's kind of like he's pushing us a step back."

Michael Baker, 4th year


"It's messed up that our funds are being allocated somewhere else and we don't have enough money to do anything. We do have troubles of even getting paper for simple copy machines. As far as getting adequate professors to teach right courses -- we have trouble with that as well."

Miguel Flores, postgraduate student


"It's politics, that's what it is. Basically, the report is about cuts to CUNY. That's the entire idea."

Rudy [last name withheld], postgraduate student


"There are a lot of students who come in here, who are not English-based students. Their first language is Spanish or Chinese or whatnot. And I think these [remedial] programs really help them."

Kima Chan, Senior


"There should be placement exams on entering the college and if you pass them you should be accepted."

Hesta Bonadorno, Freshman

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