Vol. 11, No. 12 June 11 - 24, 1998



By Jules Ira Rubenstein

We asked Villa Avenue residents:

"Did Mayor Giuliani go too far in his recent crackdown on cab drivers and street vendors?"

"In one way, he has a point. In another way, he needs to sit down with his people and try to make a balanced decision that will affect the people... 'cause you know, people all want to survive."

Rev. Alfred Camacho

Glad Tidings Church


"I think the vendors, and stuff, are just trying to make a living. There's, like, no other jobs in New York. The mayor should like get a life."

Daniel Jenkins


"Those people that they're taking off the streets, they need to support a family too. They all have to make a living. It's not fair that he's taking it away from them."

Phyllis McLaughlin


"Giuliani's a hundred percent right. [Vendors] are a menace to society down there, disrespect all law enforcement, don't care. They deserve to get tickets because they're breaking the law."

Santo Verdi


"I think it's terrible. I think they're poor immigrants trying to make a living. It's all right to cut down the congestion, but he should allow at least several per block."

Dennis Smetana

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