Vol. 11, No. 25 Dec. 31, 1998 - Jan. 13, 1999



By Jules Ira Rubenstein

In these days of fat NYC Transit Authority surpluses, we asked Bedford Park readers:

"What problems have you experienced with mass transit and how can the TA best solve them?"

"Sometimes, when I'm going down to my grandmother's house [on the 4 train] on Saturday morning, you get stuck in 175th Street. I went back to 149th Street, because the train was going back. Stop talking big and do things right."

Bobby Bonad


"I'd like the TA to put more buses on the line and put some more trains on the tracks, because this community is isolated, and this is a growing community."

Miguel Martinez


"They need more trains on the #4 train. They don't run often enough. The floors are filthy, there's a lot of garbage on the floors. Nice and clean would be nice."

Lee Lopez


"The Bx28 bus shoots right past here, and they don't stop. In the winter months, you got to stand there and freeze. Tell the bus drivers to stop when they see somebody standing there in the cold weather."

Louise Files


"People have to be more considerate on platforms and keep it clean. Garbage doesn't throw itself there or in subways."

Tom Bartolotth

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