Vol. 13, No. 25    Dec. 28, 2000 - Jan. 10, 2001



By Jules Ira Rubenstein

We asked members and staff at the St. James Park Senior Center for their reactions to the death of former New York City Mayor John Lindsay.

"He did help a lot of poor people in our area, and he supported the [Davidson Community Center]. So he is going to be missed."

Angel Caballero

"Mayor Lindsay did a lot of good for New York City, and I think he was a very good mayor for all 
of us. It's too bad that he passed away."

Ramona Milland

"He was a nice man. He would always work with the 
people, not against the people. He would always come around folks, talking 
to them. And he always told the kids 'don't do anything wrong.'"

Louis Junrus


"Lindsay was a very, very, 
very versatile man. He was a member of the opera. He was a very good lecturer, a 
good speaker and a very well-liked man."


"I think he was a very good mayor. He was responsible, I think, for the SEDA program which opened up the doors for a lot of African-Americans."

Nelson Sweeting


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