Vol. 13, No. 24    Dec. 14 - 27, 2000


Sidewalk Extensions at Fordham and Jerome  


The Department of Transportation (DOT) is putting the finishing touches on traffic calming measures at the busy intersection of Fordham Road and Jerome Avenue. The installation of neckdowns, which extend the sidewalk and narrow the street, were completed just before Thanksgiving. And now the DOT is adding lighting and signs, according to Councilman Adolfo Carrion, who pushed to get the neckdowns installed.

Carrion said the intersection under the elevated # 4-train was identified by the DOT as one of the most dangerous in the city. "What used to happen is that people crossing would stop halfway or quarter-way into the intersection, by the columns," Carrion said.

The intersection was particularly unsafe for bus users. "People would stand on the street under the elevated train," Carrion said. "People would wait for the bus next to the columns that hold up the [subway tracks].

The neckdowns extend two sidewalks - at the northwest and southeast corners - up to where the train columns are located, narrowing traffic to one lane in each direction. As a result, cars are slowed down and bus users wait on the sidewalk.

The traffic measures will also protect pedestrians from blind turns - as cars will no longer be able to swing around buses - and shorten the length of time the pedestrian is crossing the street.

The installation of neckdowns at Fordham Road and Jerome Avenue is part of a citywide campaign to make intersections, where elevated train lines and major commercial strips meet, safer for pedestrians.

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