Vol. 13, No. 24    Dec. 14 - 27, 2000


Board 10 Wants to Keep Zardoya  


What a difference a year makes.

Last year, a new majority on Community School Board 10, fresh into office, sought to open up the superintendent's post, occupied by Irma Zardoya, to new applicants.

This year, though, Zardoya, seems to have earned the board's confidence. Board 10 will vote on a resolution at its Dec. 14 public meeting to initiate the process to reappoint Zardoya for a two-year period.

"The big difference is there were several new members on the board last year who felt they didn't have a handle on the superintendent's performance," board member Dianna Tabacco said.

Last year, the board ultimately cut short its bid to search for a new schools chief due to tremendous opposition from parents, principals and community leaders who packed public meetings to protest the board's intentions. Bronx Democratic Party chair Roberto Ramirez also weighed in.

Instead, the board amended its original resolution to offer Zardoya a one-year contract, rather than the standard three-year deal. To new board members, the contract was like a trial run.

"They had an entire year to work with the superintendent ... and they feel that the superintendent has worked well with the board," Tabacco said.

Tabacco added that she expects the resolution to pass. After that, Schools Chancellor Harold Levy must approve the board's recommendation. If that happens, the board will formally vote on Zardoya's reappointment after consulting with parent association presidents, teacher representatives and administrators.

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