Vol. 17, No. 24 Dec. 2 - 15, 2004


MPC Launches 'Cut the Crap'  Campaign


Mosholu Preservation Corporation, the nonprofit that publishes the Norwood News, works to make our neighborhoods nicer places to live and work. We were founded to make the area nicer for Montefiore, but we also make it nicer for everyone. We work alongside numerous organizations to improve things in as many ways as we can.

Most of us here at MPC live within walking distance of our offices at the Keeper’s House in Norwood. So, in talking to our neighbors over many years, we’ve learned that if there is one thing that people believe makes our neighborhoods not nice, it’s what many dog owners allow their dogs to leave behind. 

So, hard as it is, we have resolved to try to do something about dog droppings — and a number of other things that make our communities less pleasant than they should be.

We are bluntly calling this initiative the “Cut the Crap” campaign.

To start with, we’ve purchased “dogi-pot” plastic bag dispensers, which the Parks Department has installed in Williamsbridge Oval Park. We encourage dog walkers to use them and to dispose of their dog’s waste, properly wrapped, in trash containers rather than leaving it lying around for people to step in. We will work with others in the Community District 7 area to eventually have dispensers installed throughout the communities served by the Norwood News.

We will also have the sidewalk near the Mosholu Parkway No. 4 station power washed regularly to remove what the pigeons leave behind. If it proves cost effective, that service will be expanded too. 

We often write about trees and all the people, ourselves included, who work to have more trees planted. That effort will continue. In addition, we are developing a program to more regularly improve and maintain the garden areas of our parks. You will see more about that in future issues.

Finally, there’s litter. Lots and lots of people spend lots and lots of time and money picking up litter that doesn’t have to be there. Just because elected officials like soon-to-be state Senator Jeff Klein funded the Doe Fund to clean 204th Street, and the Jerome-Gun Hill BID and soon the Fordham Road BID clean their respective streets, doesn’t mean it’s OK to throw trash on the street. People still get tickets for dirty sidewalks, too.

Yes, the city sweeper comes around twice a week per side. But a piece of trash thrown on the street on Tuesday afternoon lies around until Friday and it’s disgusting. There are actually neighborhoods in this city where people don’t have to move their cars because the streets are always clean. And, yes, some of those places are in the Bronx. 

In the coming weeks, we will let you know how you can help, and we will soon set up a special e-mail address because we want your input. In the meantime, you can e-mail   or write to: MPC, Cut the Crap Campaign, 3400 Reservoir Oval East, Bronx, NY 10467. 

So, come on Norwood, Bedford Park, Fordham and University Heights — Let’s “Cut the Crap!”

Dart Westphal is president of Mosholu Preservation Corporation and publisher of the Norwood News.

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