Vol. 13, No. 23   Nov 30 - Dec. 13, 2000



By Jules Ira Rubenstein

We asked readers what they thought of the Electoral College's role in electing the president of the United States.

"We should do away with the electoral vote and we should just go straight with the public ... When the people vote, it should be the people's decision, the people's choice, not the government's choice."

Gary Santiago

"We have to keep the electoral college to protect the vote of the people in small states ... It doesn't matter what the majority of their vote is. It gets wiped out by the large states."

Al Galterio

"I think some damage is done because the guy in the street thinks his vote doesn't count and that something is being done behind the scenes that he doesn't quite understand. I think confidence has to restored in the vote of an individual citizen."

Andrew Tosic


"I'm in favor of keeping the Electoral College. It's been around for over a hundred and something years. It's part of the American process."

Robert Hughes


"I think the electoral system is archaic and just because it's been around for a hundred, or even a thousand years, that doesn't mean it's working."

Lorraine Jefferson


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