Vol. 12, No. 22 Nov. 18 - Dec. 1, 1999


A Long-Awaited Purple Heart

xveteran.jpg (15203 bytes)Lieutenant Edward Allen Andrews, a retired US Naval Aviator, was decorated with the Military Order of the Purple Heart on Veteran's Day, half a century after serving in combat. Andrews was initially passed over for the prestigious award because it is only awarded to soldiers wounded in the line of duty. Although Andrews was wounded during his service in WW II, he never made the medical registry because he declined treatment "so as not to clutter the emergency area," according to one eyewitness account. Andrews' story came to the attention of Chaplain William Kaladjian of the Bronx VA Medical Center, where Andrews is a patient, who took Andrews' case to the Navy. On Nov. 11, Andrews finally received the Purple Heart Award during a Veteran's Day program at the Bronx VA Medical Center.

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