Vol. 12, No. 19 October 7 - 20, 1999



By Jules Ira Rubenstein

We asked people in Bedford Park if they agreed with Mayor Giuliani's attempt to stop the controversial 'Sensation' exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum.

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"I agree, being that I'm a born-again Christian.  I feel that it is very illicit and very lewd and I wouldn't want my chidden to see that."

Yvonne Feliciano

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"I think Giuliani needs to chill out and retire.  It's art; it should be shown."


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"My view is, art is art.  There's always been a sort of sexual connotation to art.  I don't see where this is going to be offensive to anyone."

Ronald Adams


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"I feel that the museum should show whatever they want to show -- it's their museum.  The mayor is contributing money, but not the art.

Daisy Pinero


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"To desecrate something religious, putting images in little kids' minds that are derogatory, is wrong.  If they want to display their art like that, let them do it without using the taxpayers' money."

Annmarie Mahoney

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