Vol. 15, No. 18       Sept. 12 - 25, 2002


Give Blood Now

On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001 people flooded local blood banks to donate blood. It was a wonderful instinctual response to a tragedy no one could have been prepared for.

But, as Dr. Joan Uehlinger of the Montefiore Blood Bank explains in an article in Features, the blood needed for a future tragedy needs to be donated now, not after disaster strikes. Even if there had been significant numbers of casualties needing blood transfusions on Sept. 11, the blood donated that day could not have been used immediately because it must be tested and processed.

Uehlinger mentioned that a group of Bronx IRS employees makes a yearly pilgrimage to her blood blank to donate blood. Just think what it would mean if every workplace did the same thing.

There are many ways to honor and remember the victims of Sept. 11, but it's hard to think of one more important than donating the blood that may save a life in the future.

To donate blood, call the Montefiore Blood Bank at 920-4810.

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