Vol. 19,  No.  17 Sept. 7 -  Sept. 20,  2006


Armory RFP Set for Sept. 18


Local residents and activists are still keeping their fingers crossed that the city will soon release a request for proposals (RFP) for the Kingsbridge Armory. The RFP will give potential developers design guidelines to use when creating their visions for the Armory.

In May, city officials said an RFP would definitely be released by the end of August. Two weeks ago, Economic Development Corporation officials were saying the RFP was set for an “early September” release. Now, participants in the Armory task force, a loose group of community leaders and elected officials who are advising the EDC about the Armory development, say the RFP is set to be released Sept. 18.

Community Board 7 Chair Greg Faulkner, a member of the task force, is optimistic about the new date, but balances that with a dose of “healthy skepticism.”

Assuming the RFP comes out soon, Faulkner said they are looking at choosing a developer by February and finalizing a contract by June.

Whenever the RFP is released, Faulkner says the community has done its part in the process. “I think the city heard us and we came in as a united community voice,” he said.

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