Vol. 15, No. 16  August 15 - 28, 2002




We asked people what they thought should be built on the site of the World Trade Center disaster.

"A hospital, a shelter, a hotel -- something to help the people."

Tracy Washington

"A small wall with a list of names of all the persons who died, like a park area, but nothing that's very large. I would re-build the towers, but with a wall with the names."

Janesa Charles

"They shouldn't go as high as they were, because then it would be be another target. But you've got to put the commercial stuff back there, to get the people back in circulation, because people are losing money."

Steven (last name withheld)



"A monument should be built in honor of those who perished. A building would just be another target. I had family and friends that I lost there, and the monument would be the most precious way to tell them that we will not forget them."

Micki Alicea

"Re-build. I did 32 years at 90 Church St. in the post office. I remember the buildings. I would rather have another building like that in memory."


Ruby Fleckner


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