Vol. 14, No. 15  July 26 - August 29, 2001



By Jules Ira Rubenstein

We asked Scott Towers residents if they thought that President Bush should provide federal funding for controversial stem cell research.

"It's the best thing they can do to enhance the continual medical sciences and it's a very necessary project. He shouldn't even hesitate in his decision."

Ken Desiena


"Anything that would help to improve the quality of life ... absolutely. It would be beneficial for people."

Nina Richards

"Anything in the image of God is something holy and should not be tampered with."

Rabbi Henry Katz


"I think ethically and morally, at this stage, they're not life and I see nothing wrong with them being used."

Irwin Cohen

"Research is very important. I don't consider those cells human and I believe that we should have government funding for stem cell research."

Sonia Lappin

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