Vol. 14, No. 14  July 12 - 25, 2001



By Jules Ira Rubenstein

We asked residents  if they thought the state and city should use public funds to help finance new stadiums for the Mets and Yankees.

"I think it's unfair. They shouldn't use our taxpayers' money. They got money. Why should the taxpayers pay for everything? We already pay enough."

Pedro Marquez


"I don't think they should pay for a ballpark for the Yankees or the Mets. They use money for other countries. They should do something for this country. We need a ballpark. They should provide it for them."

Jose Sanabria

"I feel they should help fund it. It's going to enhance the city. The money that you get from the sports arena helps the city. I think that George Steinbrenner does a lot for the city of New York and for poor people."

Gloria Corcoran


"I don't think the mayor, or anybody, should take funds for the city to build a new ballpark. They can refurbish the parks, but not to build a new stadium. It's useless. The money could go for the schools, which need it more than a new ballpark."

Joe Pena

"The money is really needed for more schools, special programs for the children, a health care center. They have the money and they should use the money to pay for their own stadium. "

Barbara Williams

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