Vol. 15, No. 9       April 25 -  May 8, 2002


Sport Update

Taking the Field

The Fordham Bedford Little League's annual parade stepped off from Concourse House at East 196th Street last Saturday on the way to Allerton Field. There were two stops along the way, however, stops that showed the gratitude of the children and parents of the community for heroism exhibited on Sept. 11. The parade, fronted by a fire engine and the DeWitt Clinton High School Marching Band, stopped at the fire station on Briggs Avenue where some of the children paused to give the firefighters gifts. The gesture was repeated at the 52nd Precinct on Webster Avenue. At both stops, the Clinton band played the National Anthem.

At opening ceremonies on the field, a moment of silence was offered for the victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, and a fireman and police officer shared the traditional first pitch.

The Fordham Bedford Little League has 38 teams with kids ages 5 to 17 participating. Games are played Monday through Saturday at Allerton Field, Harris Park, and Fordham University.

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