Vol. 16, No. 9    April 24 - May 7, 2003


New Manager for Local Parks


Maria Febus, a native Bronxite and Parks Department employee for over a decade, is gearing up for the spring season as Community Board 7's new park manager. Febus -- an outdoor enthusiast who spends many of her weekends in the parks--is responsible for the upkeep of area parks.

"It's exciting," Febus said. "We're getting ready for the busy season." Febus is currently putting together a plan for this season in area parks -- everything from wood chipping to grass clipping.

Febus is no stranger to the intricacies of park maintenance. She started her tenure with Parks in 1989 at the citywide headquarters in Central Park, overseeing various aspects of operations. In 1994, she moved up to the Borough Operations office in the east Bronx, managing the facilities there and eventually coordinating supplies for all the borough's parks.

"It was a big task," said Febus about her storehouse supervisor position. "It was very busy all the time."

Febus is bringing her coordinating skills to her new post. As district manager, Febus oversees the principal park supervisors and other day-to-day managers in the parks. In addition to the local parks -- including the Williamsbridge Oval, St. James and Poe parks and the Mosholu Parkway Greenway -- Febus also currently manages parks in Community Boards 11 and 12. "I'm here to really maintain what we have under our jurisdiction," she said. 

While the parks manager post typically oversees just Board 7, Febus will juggle all three districts until the other manager returns from a leave of absence. But for now, she plans to focus on tying the Bronx's Mosholu and Pelham Greenways (a network of bike- and pedestrian-friendly paths) together. 

While a large task, Bronx Commissioner Dorothy Lewandowski is confident that Febus is the right person for the job. "She has shown wonderful potential," said Lewandowski, who has supervised Febus since 1994. "She is a very dedicated individual who takes the time to get to the bottom of issues. I feel that the community will be in very good hands."

Febus is accustomed to working with residents on formulating park plans. In her previous positions, she often met with community boards and their park committees -- and intends to work closely with Community Board 7. 

As for residents who have concerns or comments about the parks, Febus welcomes phone calls. "We get calls all the time from people just wondering what is going on in their park," she said. 

Ed. Note: Call District 7 Parks Manager Maria Febus with park comments or complaints at (718) 430-1800.

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