Vol. 15, No. 7  March 28 - April 10, 2002



By Jules Ira Rubenstein

The Yankees are in dispute with Cablevision over airing games on their new TV network. We asked readers at the Kossuth Playground what they thought.

"We are Yankee fans. We live in the Bronx and we deserve to see the Yankees."

Alfredo (last name withheld)



"I would not like to pay more. You're talking about a little extra money for Cablevision and yes, I would probably turn on more to the Mets."

David Linares


"I think Yankee games should be seen by all people, by the public, whether it's on cable or whatever. The less games people get, it's not a good thing for the Bronx."

Michael Merola




"Hardworking people from the Bronx should have the opportunity to watch our hometown baseball team at the same price we always had."

David Johnson



"It's not fair. They should allow the games free on TV. They shouldn't make it any worse for people in the Bronx than it is already."

Robert Zamot




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