Vol. 15, No. 2   Jan. 17 - 30, 2002



By Jules Ira Rubenstein

We asked readers on Bedford Park Boulevard what they hope to have accomplished by this time next year.

"I'd like to prepare myself for my retirement. I'm at the end of my career. I've been an ironworker for 40 years and I'm looking forward to preparing for that."
Bill Rumble

"I hope I can become a better musician. I play two instruments. I'm practicing at home -- jazz and rock."

Syd Rivera


"That my health is the same and my family's health is the same."

Dolores Vitanza

"A better environment for my family. Business-wise, much more growth in everything, a much more abundant life."

Jacqueline Scott

"I just want to improve as an individual. I want to get closer to God. I want to go to church regularly."

Edgar Alvarez

"Hopefully, I'll have a job. Pray that things will get better in the world."

Marie Applegate

"That I'll be retired from my job. I'll be doing things I normally didn't do and so on."

Irving Guber

"Get my health together, to be able to go on with my life without being disabled. By next year, I hope [my health] will be improved."

Harold Brown


"I'll have passed freshman year in high school."

Michael Wolovick


"My degree in accounting from Monroe College."

Ramon Steffani


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