Vol. 19,  No.  1 Jan. 12 - 25, 2006




Governor George Pataki is said to be contemplating a run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008. We asked readers what they thoughts of his prospects.

“I would vote for him if he had done more for the people of this community, like supporting programs like welfare … and trying to bolster the middle class. Unfortunately, I think he’s got the potential to get the nomination.”

Michael Leonard

“I’m not saying he wouldn’t be good, but they all tell you things and they never commit. He was a good support during Sept. 11 — I’ll have to give him that. That would probably help him because a lot of people look at that issue in a big way.”

Cookie Dugue

“It’s a little bit early to say — 2008 is a long way away. I think they’re looking at his long record as governor, and not just the one incident of Sept. 11.”

Brendan Carrington

“I have looked around the Bronx, and have seen a lot of improvements. I think the governor had something to do with it. There are a lot of improvements … on some streets. He would make a good president.”

Hermine Simpson

“He did do certain things … but this handling of the [transit] situation was pretty bad. If you’re in control, you have to show control — which he hasn’t been able to do. He is like a caring person, but I doubt that he’s strong enough for the nation.”

Edgar Padilla

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