Vol. 20,  No. 1

Jan. 11 - 24,  2007




The City Council is considering legislation to ban the ownership of pit bulls. We asked readers what they thought.

They’re not really a house pet to have. I really don’t care for them. There’s some in this area. They’re giving these dogs to young kids. They can be gentle, but [owners] are not training them like that. The dogs are very aggressive.
Antoinette Green

There’s always a move to bar pit bulls. People don’t know, it’s not the dogs, it’s the people who own them. I have two pit bulls. They play with everybody in the neighborhood, everybody knows them. All you’ve got to do is show them love. People buy them, abuse them, they keep them locked in cages – that’s what causes [the violence].

John Perez (pit bull owner)

It’s how the owner treats the dog. You have a lot of young kids out here that just train the dogs to fight. One owner I do know trains his pit bull properly – he keeps him on a chain. If the dog is vicious, it shouldn’t be off the leash at any time.

Michael Claytono

I agree with the bill. Friends of mine have had encounters that weren’t too pleasant. Pit bulls are good dogs, but they’re not trained by the right owners. If the owners aren’t training them correctly then you have chaos. I am biased against pit bulls because a friend of mine’s niece got mauled.

Peter Boyd

The owner has to be more responsible in taking care of his dog. A lot of times when a dog is violent or vicious, it’s because the owner teaches them to be violent or vicious. Otherwise, all dogs are good animals. They shouldn’t ban the dog itself. The owners have to follow rules to protect other people.

Sonya Gonzalez

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