Vol. 14, No. 6  March 22 - April 4, 2001 


City Floats Bill to Pave Way for Filter Plant
Dinowitz Says It Won't Go Anywhere


The Feb. 8 New York State Court of Appeals ruling that gave cheer to local opponents of the city's plans to build a 28-acre water filtration plant in Van Cortlandt Park did not close the door to building the facility in the park. It only stated that the city must first get the permission of the state legislature.

And though getting that permission is probably a longshot at best, the city is apparently shopping a bill around the state legislature looking for sponsors. Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, a staunch opponent of plans to construct the plant in the Bronx, provided a copy of the legislation to the Norwood News.

Dinowitz maintained his assertion that such a bill is unlikely to go anywhere, because he has the assurance of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver that, since the park is in Dinowitz' district, he will be deferred to on the matter.

Dinowitz said that even if the city were able to find a sponsor for the bill, it would have to be assigned a bill number, a committee, and be voted out of committee. "I just don't expect any of that to happen," Dinowitz said.

The city's Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) acknowledged they had sent a bill to Albany, but would not comment further. "An appropriate bill for the Mosholu site has been submitted to both houses of the legislature," said Geoffrey Ryan, a DEP spokesman.

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