Vol. 14, No. 19    Oct. 11 - 24, 2001 


Democrat Bastone Backs Imprescia for Council


Richard Imprescia, a Republican who is running against Oliver Koppell in the 11th District City Council race, has received the endorsement of the Democratic district leader Terry Bastone. Bastone, who finished third in the recent Democratic primary, appeared with Imprescia, State Senator Guy Velella and other backers at a rally at the Williamsbridge Oval Park House on Oct. 6.

"I'm backing Richard Imprescia because I believe in some of his views, his stance on education, his stance on the environment, community policing ...," Bastone said. "The people in this district, and in this city, voted for term limits twice. That meant they wanted a change. Richard Imprescia is a change; Oliver Koppell is the same old business."

Velella, a Bronx Republican, encouraged voters to look past party lines. "Whether you're a Republican, a Democrat, a Liberal or a Conservative, it's irrelevant - it's the best person to do the job, the person with the vision," he said.

Imprescia, too, focused on political diversity. "We're starting a new vision for the Bronx, a new campaign, new ideas, new people, and a new coalition between Republicans and Democrats for a populist campaign, to win that 11th City Council District."

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