My first Urban Farm Tour on September 10th has only one regret...that I missed the others before it! --Barbara T.

The tour had 3 parts. Here's Part 2 of 3:

Mario Batali's Edible Garden at the Ruth Hea Howell Family Garden, New York Botanical Garden

The Ruth Rea Howell Family Garden is home to Mario Batali's Edible Garden, which debuted this spring to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Family Garden, one of the Garden's great treasures. Italian Heirloom Tomatoes (below), large leaf basil, Italian eggplant, and chocolate mint are just a few of the varieties of  treasures that abound.

Mario Batali's Edible Garden program will allow families to enjoy daily gardening activities and cooking demonstrations that showcase kid-friendly recipes with the chance to sample and search for ingredients in the garden."There's nothing better than this place in New York City," Batali said about The New York Botanical Garden. "It's my center of where I hang out. It's where I take my kids. It's where I take my out-of-town friends. It's where I want to be."

And Part 3:
Mike's Deli, Arthur Avenue Retail Market

Our crowd of at least 25 gathered together to watch the ever-charming and always gracious David Greco of the famous Mike's Deli , stretch and shape mozzarella into twists and rounds, as he demonstrated how his family has been making this cheese...from scratch, for generations.

What could be more
fun?  Eating it, of course. The only problem was trying to grab a taste before it disappeared.  Everyone agreed...that was worth waiting for!  I bought some homemade preservative-free pasta and marinara sauce to go home with and can't wait
to try it.

The next hour or so was spent touring the Bronx's historic Belmont area,
the real  Little Italy of New York, as they say.

A great day was had by all.

Click here for Part 1.

There's one tour left for the season:  Not to be missed!


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