My first Urban Farm Tour on September 10th has only one regret...that I missed the others before it! --Barbara T.

Thanks to co-hosts Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr., the Bronx Tourism Council, the Bronx Food & Sustainability Coalition and  Bronx Green-Up/New York Botanical Garden, for making these tours available
to those of us who live here, and so many out-of-towners as well.

The tour had 3 parts. Here's Part 1 of 3:

Who would think that a completely organic,  thriving farm and community garden exists in the middle of an industrial area with the Metro North clanging above and the #s4 and 5 trains roaring below?  Certainly not me.
It was kind of cool, though, to be surrounded by all this urban transporation while standing in the relative serenity of a small farm.

La Finca Del Sur (Farm in the South [South Bronx]) sits on 2/12 acres of land on 138th Street and Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY.  This public garden that uses no pesticides, has been maintained by neighborhood volunteers through GreenThumb, with Bronx Green-Up, the community outreach program of The New York Botanical Garden, helping to implement the farm since 2008.  They grow peppers,  tomatoes, yard-long beans, apples, apricots, herbs and much more, gathering their crops on Wednesdays to sell at the Padre Plaza Market on139th Street and St. Ann's.   Surplus herbs and crops are distributed within the community. In addition, for $20/year, anyone wishing to grow their own can have a raised bed for the season.

La Finca Del Sur is led by Latina and Black women and their allies.  They are committed to building healthy neighborhoods through economic empowerment, increased nutritional awareness, training and education, and advocating for social and political equality and food justice in low-income communities.

Nancy Ortiz-Surun, founder (Left), addressed the crowd: "Just your being here today," she said, "is an important part of the survival of this farm."

Sara Katz (Right), Community Horticulturist at Bronx Green-Up,  prepared a treat for all, and that it was! A tray each of cream cheese with fresh basil and another with just-picked chives on crackers.  The best!

Click here for Parts 2 & 3.

There's one tour left for the season:  Not to be missed!


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