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 “One in seven people
  are hungry.”

  This sobering fact
  flashed over a video of
  smiling African children,
Project FEED
founder and niece of
  former president George
  W. Bush, Lauren Bush
(married to
  David Lauren, the son of
  fashion designer Ralph
  Lauren)  and MSNBC’s
  Alex Witt took the stage
  on day three of the 2012
  Women in the World

The Two Frys cook Sweet and Tasty Wings.  Yum!  Visit the blog




Take action. Ask your Members of Congress to visit
         a food bank.

Feeding America requests your help: the best way for legislators to
                  understand the scope of hunger in America is to see it for themselves.
send this message to bring attention to this essential  issue
                  of hunger in your community.

Teachers change lives. Plant by plant,
classroom by classroom, Green Bronx
is improving outcomes and
changing destinies.  Bronx educator
Stephen Ritz' classroom featured the first
edible wall in the NYC DOE.

Japanese artist Takaya adorns the heads of models
with raw
vegetables and blossoming flowers.
-According to
de zeen magazine,This unusual 
form of decoration is used for both live performances and weddings.
See more images here...


Learn It, Grow It, Eat It is helping
teens make the connection between
 food, health, and the environment.
hands-on nutrition
and horticulture classes on how to grow vegetables but most importantly they
are growing teenagers - giving them

Walmart's Fight Hunger. Spark Change. Campaign distributes  $3.7 million in donations to help fight U.S. hunger, selecting
50 Feeding America Food Banks to each receive $60,000.

If you could help solve food insecurity in America by simply rounding
up your restaurant tab to the next dollar, wouldn't you?  Ask Andra Tosca,
founder of SPARE, a new smartphone APP designed to do just that,
simply by capturing a picture of your receipt.  Each donation, always no more than 99 cents, is sent to a food organization in support of  the hungry,


Let us know of your events or blogs.  We'll help get the word out!

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Fight for Sustainable Food Engulfs U.S. Campuses
The fight for sustainability in agriculture and food production is one of the great fronts in the battle for a truly sustainable future.

"Build sustainable food systems with Project Bread"
Project Bread collaborates with others to build a robust regional food system. All aspects of food production and distribution exist within the food system, and all of us have a seat at the table. Projects like food rescue, double value coupons at farmers markets, subsidized CSA shares, farm to school and urban agriculture boost community food security and wellbeing.

Save The Date for 2015
May 3, 2015
Full details on the website
Walk for Hunger!