Engaging our country in the fight to end hunger

Hunger Is Everywhere: Perspectives From a 30-Hour Famine By William Lambers. College student Kelly Burger no longer uses the expression "I'm  starving." Why? Because she now knows what starving really means. It's not having a late dinner or missing one meal. Read the complete article here...

Read the editorial from The New York Times:
More Hunger for the Poorest Americans.

In order to further the conversaton and advocate for solutions that
address the root causes of hunger and poverty, Bill Ayres Co-founder
and Executive Director of  WhyHunger, suggests Ten Ways to End Hunger.

Danielle Nierenberg, Co-founder, Food Tank: The Food Think Tank, has published an informative article about What We Can Learn From Family Farmers in the United States.

The USDA provides many Grants and Loans which include Farm Loans, Housing Assistance, Beginning Farmers and Ranchers who are unable to obtain financing from commercial credit sources, Business Development, and, among others, a Farmers Market Promotion Program. 

USA TODAY published Number of U.S. farmers markets surges in August 2012


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Celebrate the farmers who work long and hard to bring us fresh food from the fields.

BRUCE SPRINGSTEIN joins WhyHunger to support "Summer Meals Rock for Kids" Campaign
Check the tour schedule here through May 13, 2014


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