Low or No-Carb Snack Options
  --courtesy of Andrea Diamond, Registered Dietician

V-8 juice.


Sliced turkey, low fat cheese, lean roast beef, peanut butter, chicken, tuna, hummus, or other bean spread on couple of crackers or one slice of whole wheat bread-add a little mustard, salsa, relish, or other condiment noted below. (Try other nut butters for variety, such as cashew and almond).

Celery filled with peanut butter, other nut butters, bean spreads, or a small amount of low or nonfat ricotta, cottage or cream cheese
Carrots or other low carb veggie (broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes with or without dips, such as salsa, low or nonfat dressing, yogurt-based dressings (season with curry, Mrs. Dash, salsa, cajun seasonings, low sodium onion soup mix, or horseradish).

Apple or pear sliced with or without peanut butter.

Cole slaw.

Broccoli slaw-at home, add a sprinkling of the following: toasted sesame oil, vinegar, low-sodium tamari or soy sauce, sugar, 2-3 scallions, nuts (cashews, peanuts, and/or sunflower seeds) Yum!.

Mini salad with or without protein (tuna, salmon, turkey, chicken, low or nonfat cheese, fish chunks, beans and a low or nonfat dressing).

Soups, vegetable-based, which have no starchy foods or very small amounts, such as noodles, potatoes, corn, peas
(Healthy Choice, low sodium Progresso, Campbell’s Healthy Request soups, Health Valley, Imagine soups.

Grilled veggies, purchased that day, or leftovers from dinner.

Baby carrots or other veggies and a yogurt or cup of milk.

Nuts, including soy nuts in small amounts (add a yogurt or cup of milk
if hungry).

Cottage cheese with or without veggies.

Poly-0 string cheese with or without veggies.

Veggie burger and raw veggies (veggie burgers microwave in 2-3 minutes-perhaps add a slice of cheese to top it).

Individual canned tuna with or without veggies (also with or without condiments-be creative, certainly a little mayo
or light mayo is ok, or try mustard, horseradish, salsa, hot peppers, roasted peppers, etc..

Soy protein shakes made with a cup of skim milk (of course would be used at home).

High protein, low carb sports/energy bars.

Hard-boiled eggs with or without veggies.

Very low carb veggies to enjoy in abundance:
artichokes, beets, broccoli, broccoli slaw, cabbage (all kinds), carrots, cauliflower, celery, eggplant, endive, escarole, garlic, green beans, kale, leafy greens of all kinds, lettuce, mushrooms, onions, peppers (all kinds, hot, red, green, yellow), snow peas, spinach, summer squash (yellow and zucchini), tomatoes.

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