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Daniel Hauben

The Muscadet
An Impressionist Moment
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pic3.jpg (10148 bytes)

When I have blocked out the entire composition on the canvas with my umber lines, I'm ready to paint with the full palette. If I see people who fit in well with my composition, I will concentrate on painting them first. This is because people move and I can always work on the inanimate objects later. Another advantage of focusing right away on the people is that it gives the onlookers (who were in abundance that sunny Thursday) something to look at. You could say I like to play to the audience a little....
Here the painting is starting to take shape. I have moved my attention all around the canvas and I am beginning to see how it will all lock together. Now I can relax a bit and focus on the details that bring life to the painting. Also, it is now mid-afternoon and I need to establish a more specific sense of light and time of day. I need to make sure the shadows are all facing the same direction, and I begin to add little glints of light to make the sunlight sparkle. I examine again the patterns I've created -- how the colors are distributed around the canvas and the overall pattern of darks and lights.


pic4.jpg (9479 bytes)


pic5.jpg (13791 bytes)

Here is the finished painting! It is a busy scene, but I've left the foreground open and spacious for balance, with strong light and shadows. It was a hot summer day in New York and luckily the spot I chose to paint from was under a canopy and I was in its shadow all day.

6:35 pm Here I am out of the shadows and being
photographed with the sponsors of the art contest
as I am accepting my 1st prize checks!

win.jpg (14242 bytes)

Daniel Hauben can be reached at
718 548-8623

also visit:


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