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Meeting Minutes For April 16th, 2015

Present: Alison Bush-Jones, Benigno Cuevas, Brandon Ganaishlal, Daniel Porro III, Deborah Oguamah, Edison Aponte, Felipa Manaiza, Henry Pelayo Jr., Jacqueline Torres, Jesse Mendoza, Juan Torres, Kyheim S. Paul, Loretta Masterson, Michael Beltzer, Mohammed Mujumder, Nicholas Himidian, Nicole Washington, Rev. Dr. Sidney Hargrave, Rogier F. Van Vlissingen, Sarwar Jahan, Sharan Fernandez, William Rivera

Excused: Fernando Otero, Helen Foreman-Hines

The Chairperson greeted the audience and asked if every board member signed in.

The Chairperson called the meeting to order at

Public Session

1. Ms. Carmella Price was the first guest speaker. Ms. Price came up to the podium to speak about the Participatory Budget Process. She said that she is interested in bringing such process to our district because there are only 3 council districts that do this kind of process. Ms. Price briefly explained what the process was. She urges residents to call Councilwoman Annabel Palma and Councilwoman Carmen Arroyo and have them explain the process and begin talks of having the Participatory Budget Process in our district.

2. Mr. Michael Reed was the second guest speaker.

Note: The guest speaker was absent. The Chairperson moved on to the next guest speaker.

3. Ms. Marisol Rosa was the third guest speaker.

Note: The guest speaker was absent. The Chairperson moved on to the next guest speaker.

4. Ms. Deborah Oguamah was the fourth guest speaker. Ms. Oguamah spoke about The National Council of Negro Woman (Co-Op City Chapter). She announced that the council is having a harambee “pulling together” on Saturday June 6th from 11am-2pm. There will be writing and cooking contests held at the event. This event is being held to honor and acknowledge “Juneteenth Freedom” and Father’s Day. Ms. Oguamah announced that also at the event, harambee will be discussed and educated to those who do not know what harambee is. She briefly spoke about how well the International and National Reparations Summit went. She announced that there was a delegation for the United Nations. Ms. Oguamah announced that she commended the efforts of the Search Committee in regards to selecting candidates for the vacant position of District Manager, however, the use of the criteria for the District Manager candidate spreadsheet assessment guide failed to give an accurate report. Ms. Oguamah said that any time an interview is adding a quantitative analysis process to the interview process; the interviewee should be explained ahead of time. She believes that because of this, the interview process was bias.

5. Wendy Archer was the fifth guest speaker. Ms. Archer came up and thanked the Community Board for posting all the New York Public Library programs on the Community Board website. She announced that the Parkchester branch is having Spanish Language and 1-1 Financial Counseling workshops. She also announced that the library has started their Advocacy Campaign. Mr. David Pascal, also from the library, came up to speak about a free program for a Microsoft Office workshop in May. Ms. Tanya Willis, from the Soundview branch of the NYPL, came up to the podium and announced that there were no updates on the Soundview Library opening except that it is projected in June as stated before.

6. Walter Nestler, was the sixth guest speaker. Mr. Nestler announced that he wanted to bring to the attention to the board about several specific complaints. The first was of the changing of perpendicular parking on Metcalf Avenue en route to the Bronx River Parkway. He says that the because of the parking changes, the traffic has become extremely congested and it causes problems for people who commute to work every day. He requests that if it is possible to add this problem to the public budget hearing and see if a study can be had of that area to remediate the situation. The next issue was the street renaming of St. Raymond Avenue. There was a street renaming application submitted to renaming St. Raymond Avenue after its Principal. The board approved this street renaming twice and it was sent to the Councilperson. Mr. Nestler wants to know what the status update on this item is. Mr. Nestler announced to the audience that the Mayor Bill de Blasio approved for the ferry service and is to be located in Soundview. However, there is much confusion as to where exactly in Soundview the ferry will be placed. Mr. Nestler would like to know that information.

7. Ms. Teresa Camp was the seventh guest speaker.

Note: The guest speaker was absent. The Chairperson moved on to the next guest speaker.

8. Ms. Aurora Carrion was the eighth guest speaker. Ms. Carrion came to speak about the supermarket, Key food that is closing in our district. Ms. Carrion reminded the audience that Key food is the only remaining supermarket in the district, since Pathmark’s closure. Ms. Carrion stressed the need to keep Key food open for the senior citizens in the area and for people in general who do not drive or have the convenience that Key food provides.

9. Ms. Shirlee Evans was the ninth guest speaker. Ms. Evans announced to the audience that a couple of elected officials live in the district and she said that unless they profit from projects for the community, they do not care.

Note: The Chairperson put in a motion to go into the Business Session. The motion was seconded by Mr. Brandon Ganaishlal. The motion was voted in favor.

Note: The Chairperson asked the audience to stand to say the Pledge of Allegiance.

Note: The Chairperson asked for a moment of silence for the deceased.

Business Session

The Chairperson asked for the representatives of the local elected officials to give their reports.

1. Ms. Addy Martinez, from Councilwoman Annabel Palma’s office, was the first representative speaker. Ms. Martinez announced that the Councilwoman will be hosting a Job Fair at St. Raymond’s High School on May 16th. She also announced that the Councilwoman is hosting a Bike Bonanza on May 9th.

2. Ms. Margarita Luna, from Senator Jeffrey D. Klein’s office, was the second representative speaker. Ms. Luna announced that there weren’t any events to be announced. She will send flyers for any upcoming events.

3. Mr. Ramon Cabral, from Congressman Jose E. Serrano’s office, was the third representative speaker. Mr. Cabral announced the Congressman’s office hours and a brief generalization of what services the Congressman’s office provides. He also announced that there have been postal issues in the district but there will be a new Postmaster soon.

4. Mr. Matthew Shuffler, from Assemblyman Marcos Crespo’s office, was the fourth representative speaker.

Note: The Chairperson could not put in a motion to approve the March 2015 General Board Meeting Minutes because they were not completed. The Chairperson said that he will email the minutes in the next few days and they will be voted on.

Note: The Chairperson announced that the District Manager’s Report was unavailable.

Chairperson’s Report

Note: The Chairperson tabled the Chairperson’s Report because of the upcoming Executive Session.

Committee Reports

1. Education & Youth Committee – Mr. Nicholas Himidian, Chairperson

Note: The minutes are submitted. The Chairperson of the committee tabled the report.

Note: For the attendance of March’s Education & Youth Committee, Ms. Felipa Manaiza was excused from the meeting.

2. Land & Zoning Committee – Mr. Mohammad Mujumder, Chairperson

Note: The minutes are submitted. The Chairperson of the committee tabled the report.

3. Parks Committee – Mr. Jesse Mendoza, Chairperson

Note: The minutes are submitted. The Chairperson of the committee tabled the report.

Note: The Chairperson of the committee asked for the correction to be made that Sharan Fernandez is the Co-Chair of the Parks Committee.

Note: Ms. Sharan Fernandez is to be excused for this month’s committee meeting.

4. Social Services Committee- Reverend Dr. Sidney Hargrave, Chairperson

Note: The minutes are submitted. The Chairperson of the committee tabled the report.

Note: Reverend Dr. Sidney Hargrave reminded the audience of Community Board 9’s 1st Health Fair. He invited the local elected officials and the general public to participate. He is looking for volunteers to help in the event and he hopes to see everyone there.

5. Public Safety Committee – Mr. William Rivera, Chairperson

Note: The minutes are submitted.

Note: The Chairperson announced of a shooting that happened in Parkchester in the evening time. The shooting happened in a park across from St. Raymond’s High School.

6. Planning Committee – Mr. Michael Beltzer, Co-Chair

Note: The minutes are submitted.

7. Operations Committee – Mr. William Rivera, Chairperson

Note: The minutes are submitted.

Note: The Chairperson distributed tickets to the Board Members for a New York Yankees Baseball Game on Community Board appreciation day. However, an individual pointed out that Public Servants cannot receive these tickets. The tickets have to be distributed to different youth organizations.

Note: The Chairperson put in a motion to vote on a tax abatement in Shore Haven. Most of the Board voted in favor. Ms. Jacqueline Torres and Ms. Deborah Oguamah abstained from the vote.

Note: The Chairperson put in a motion to go into the Executive Session. The motion was seconded by Mr. Nicholas Himidian. All board members voted in favor.

Note: After the Executive Session, the Board Members invited the public back into the room and Reverend Dr. Sidney Hargrave gave his apologies for the long wait on behalf of the board.

The Secretary of the Board, Mr. Kyheim S. Paul came up to the podium and explained to the audience that because there were questions on how the Search Committee went about with the proceedings of selecting candidates for the vacancy for District Manager, the Board decided to table the election till the next General Board Meeting.

Note: Ms. Jacqueline Torres put in a motion to table the vote on the vacancy of the District Manager position so that questions can be submitted in writing prior to the next meeting where the vote will take place.

Note: There was much confusion as to what Ms. Torres was referring to when she meant by submitting questions. She clarified and Mr. Henry Pelayo Jr. seconded the motion made by Ms. Torres.

Note: Mr. Tom Lucania announced that relatives of persons who applied for the vacancy have to recuse themselves from voting. Mr. Kyheim S. Paul asked if there was another second for Ms. Torres’ motion. The motion was seconded by Mr. Brandon Ganaishlal.

Note: Mr. Kyheim S. Paul took roll call. There were thirteen Yes, three No, two Abstain. The motion was approved.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Steven Palmers


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