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General Board Meeting
Minutes for December 19th, 2013

The Second Vice Chair called the meeting to order.

Note: 1hr of audio was not recorded.

Public Session
Shaikh Al Mamun: The speaker spoke about students in the Bronx who take the SAT’s are not well prepared and are falling behind compared to the rest of the nation. The speaker thanked the community board for allowing him to speak about this issue. A person from the audience asked a question that was inaudible. The speaker answered saying that usually, individuals in the 11th grade (juniors) take the SAT’s and then 12th graders (seniors) apply to colleges using the scores from their junior year. The rotary club is offering a program where students can prepare for the SAT with the funding from the rotary club itself, not the government’s funds. They pay the books and supplies for the student and it is a 5 weekend program. The location is 1504 Olmstead Avenue (between Starling Avenue and St. Raymond’s Avenue). Another person from the audience asked a question; if seniors are allowed to partake in the program as well. The gentlemen responded saying that they do consider seniors as well but there main focus is juniors. The gentleman also added that the president of the rotary club might expand the program (not sure) but they are looking for 20 kids for right now. Ms. Valerie Patterson suggested to the speaker that he should follow up with the Education & Youth Chairperson, Rudy Francis.

Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda came to the podium to speak. He announced that it had been a year since he was elected to office and that he had a perfect attendance in Albany so far. He said he has been working on several projects and programs. The turkey drive was a success because he distributed over 250 turkeys in the community. He is now working on his toy drive; he says you can drop off any toys you want to donate to his office where they will wrap it and then distribute it to children in need. He reminded everyone that his coat drive and clothing drive are year round. He encourages everyone to come to his office with any concerns or complaints or if you want to pass legislation; he has Spanish and Bengali translators if they are needed. He says his new project he is working on is a Community Policing Program. It will service West Farms, Castle Hill and Parkchester. The duties of volunteers so far are to walk around the community with walkie-talkies at hand and report any suspicious activities.
Note: Ms. Carmen Taveras asked Mr. Sepulveda for an update on the number 6 line repairs. He answered that the repairs will not take as long as projected that it will be finished sooner than expected and that he has addressed the merchant’s association and assured them that they will be properly recompensed for the money they have lost due to the repairs.

Note: At this point of the meeting, the chairperson arrived and joined the meeting.

The Chairperson called Ms. Nancy Keys to the podium to speak about the Town Hall Meeting concerning Ferry Service within community board #9. Ms. Keys greeted the audience and reminded them about the possibility of a ferry boat service coming to the Bronx, specifically within board 9 and board 10. She said that it was very important for everyone to attend because their opinions matter and she brought up that many residents question how things come into community board 9 and she says it’s because no one attends important meetings.

Note: Mr. Kyheim S. Paul posed a question saying; what would be the adverse effects of having a ferry service in the community? Ms. Keys responded saying that the committee had asked for a study but said study was not out yet and that they are still waiting for it, but the reason for the Town Hall Meeting is predominately to see how people feel about the ferry service.

Business Session

Note: This part of the audio recording was not recorded.

Chairperson’s Report

District Manager’s Report

Committee Chair Reports
Land & Zoning Committee - Chairperson Mohammad Mujumder

Parks Committee - Chairperson Valerie Patterson
Meeting was canceled for this month. No minutes submitted.

Public Service Committee - Chairperson William Rivera
Meeting was canceled for this month. No minutes submitted.

Education & Youth Committee - Chairperson Rudy Francis/Jesse Mendoza
Meeting was canceled for this month. No minutes submitted.

Social Service Committee - Chairperson Deborah Oguamah
No minutes submitted.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm.

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