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General Board Meeting
Held on Tuesday, JANUARY 28, 2014
1040 Grand Concourse & East 165th Street

Ms. Kathleen Saunders, Chair, Presiding

Mr. John Howard Algarin, Ms. Naimah Bilal, Ms. Beverly Bond, Mr. Maynard Charles, Ms. Brenda Dawson, Mr. Gregory A. Delts, Ms. Desiree Joy Frias, Mr. Ray Henry, Ms. Mildred James, Ms. Latoya Joyner, Ms. Nurys Laureano, Mr. Mohammed Mardah, Bishop Earl McKay, Ms. Marie McCullough, Ms. Connie Morales, Mr. Ebrahim Dawda Ndure, Mr. Bourema Niambele, Mr. Barry Nissen, Ms. Rockyatu Otoo, Mr. Alexius S. Phoenix, Mr. Michael Rendino, Mr. George T. Robinson, Sr., Ms. Lilliam Rosa, Ms. Kathleen Saunders, Mr. Jackson Strong, Ms. Shelly Wilson, Mr. Oshrie Zak, Dr. Grace Zarate.

Ms. Frances Hudson-Marrow, Ms. Martha Reyes.

Ms. Ramatu Ahmed, Mr. Jabari A. Ajamu, Ms. Evelyn Arauz, Mr. Felix Camero, Ms. Sarah Gale, Mr. Robert Garmendiz, Mr. Winston George, Mr. Walter Harris, Mr. Omar O. Ortiz, Ms. Mary Sears, Ms. Michelle Strayhorn.

Mr. Josť Rodriguez, District Manager
Ms. Lynne Thompson, Administrative Assistant
Ms. Elizabeth Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Senior Secretary

Ms. Aurea Mangual, representing Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr.
Mr. Angel Santana, representing NYS Senator Jose M. Serrano
Ms. Neyda Franco, representing NYS Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo
Ms. Isamar Rodriguez, representing NYS Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo
Ms. Wendy Gallegos, representing NYC Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson
Ms. Aicha Bamba, representing NYC Councilman Ritchie Torres

Ms. Miriam D. Tabb- Bronx Museum of the Arts, Mr. Harvey Ramos Fermin- Bronx Museum of the Arts, Ms. Ariela Heilman-resident, Mr. Sid Miller- resident, Ms. Evelyn Rivera- President 11 West 172 Street Tenants Association, Ms. Jill Guidera- Transportation Alternatives, Ms. Arlene Hall-Waisburd-Grand Concourse Academy Charter School, Mr. Louis Nunez- Latino Restaurant Association, Mr. Kevin Dunn- Puzzles For Us, Ms. Maria Deno- Einstein/Montefiore, Mr. Mark Challenges- St. Simeon Church, Mr. Joey Scarborough- Daily News, Ms. Gladys Melchior- 690 Gerard Avenue Tenant Association, Ms. Amber Laws- resident, Mr. Tony Nunez- resident, Mr. Paul Philps- NYC Department of City Planning Bronx Planning Office, PO Roger Bennett- NYPD 44th Precinct, Mr. Billy Francisco- resident, Mr. Carl Jackson- Bronx Museum of the Arts, Ms. Laura Solis- Bike New York, Mr. Enrique Colon- CASA New Settlement Apartments, Mr. Dennis Terry- resident, Mr. Carlos Lama- Lama Limo Car Service, Ms. Kristina Rodriguez- TRASALT, Mr. Alim Zamair- resident, Ms. Cynthia Cox- Concourse Village Inc., Ms. Marguerite Saint Preux- 811 Walton Board Member, Mr. Ernest Serrano- resident, Ms. Norma L. Trowers- Concourse Village, Inc.

Public Session
Sid Miller is requesting that the community board assist in saving the former synagogue of 15,000 square foot located at 843 Walton Avenue. He hopes that the Board through the Land Use Committee can form a community group to save the building and that it can then be saved and redeveloped for community use.

Maria Deno, Research Specialist at Einstein-Montefiore. She is requesting community involvement in a bias focus group study for treatment received from health care providers and what their experiences are. The group will consist of eight (8) people. Each will receive a $25 gift card for their participation. The study is confidential. The requirements are that you must be between 18 to 90 years of age and have seen a doctor within the past year. The focus group is not limited to the Bronx.

Ariela Heilman in conjunction with Sid Miller. They are interested in the future of 843 Walton Avenue and its adjacent sides. She has been in touch with the court system to find out what are the laws when a congregation dies out. Who does the building belong to? Where is the Charter for this property? The misplaced Charter states how the building and the assets should be disposed of. She will work with the committee to rebuild a religious community and a social center. Contact: .

Enrique Colon, Outreach Coordinator for CASA. Focus group on February 6, 2014 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at 35 Marcy Place for Legal Presentation of Court Proceedings. Must speak English.

Welcoming remarks and announcements by Ms. Kathleen Saunders, Board Chairperson.
With the completion of the Public Session, the Chair called the meeting to order at 6:24 pm. Pursuant to Chapter 70 Section 2800 of the City Charter the actions and procedures of Community Boards and their committees are governed by the applicable provisions of the City Charter and New York State Open Meetings Law (OML, Section 100-111 of the New York State Public Officers Law) and Freedom of Information Law (FOIL, Section 84-90 of the Public Officers Law). Each Community Board shall meet at least once each month. Community Board 4 shall meet every fourth (4th) Tuesday of the month. This Tuesday, January 28, 2014 the meeting is at The Bronx Museum of the Arts at 1040 Grand Concourse.

Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance led by Bishop Earl McKay.
Motion to Review/Correct/Adopt of General Board Meeting: Motion was made by Ms. Desiree Joy Frias and seconded by Mr. Barry Nissen to approve the General Board Meeting minutes for October 22, 2013. A second motion was made by Mr. Gregory Delts and seconded by Ms. Beverly Bond to approve the General Board meeting minutes for November 26, 2013. Both sets of minutes were approved. The Motions were duly carried.


Economic Development Committee- Motion was made for a request for a Letter of Approval for Llama Car Service located at 49 W. 170th Street. Their record is clean and they have not had any problems in the community. The motion was seconded by Ms. Mildred James. The motion was approved.

Municipal Services & Education Committee- A request for a Letter of Support by Transportation Alternatives, “Boogie on The Boulevard. (See Presentation below).

Housing & Land Use Committee- No Report.

Parks and Recreation Committee- There is grant money available to start a park project. Contact Partnerships from Parks and make a presentation to them directly.

Youth Services & Education- Update on C-Ball -- Community Board and Athletic League with all the community boards participating. The first game was in January at Phipps Classic Center. The next event is February 1, 2014 at the Madison Boys & Girls Club. Our event to participate in the Youth Clinic will take place on May 3rd. We still need 72 kids from our community to participate. They are still looking for 9 males and 9 females to play. A male coach is also needed for these games.

Health & Human Services Committee – No Report.

Presentation: Boogie on the Boulevard – Car Free Sunday on the Concourse, Ms. Jill Guidera, Field Organizing Coordinator for Transportation Alternatives (TA). TA Activist Committee in 2013 surveyed the community to see what they wanted in their community. Many expressed the reinstatement of Parking Free Sundays on the Grand Concourse. They collected over 1400 signatures. The proposal is for the reallocation of the center lanes of the Grand Concourse for vibrant cultural, health and active programming for three (3) consecutive Sundays
in August 2014. They have partnered with several health and community organizations and look for the communities help to connect them to even more organizations. In the past when the lanes had been closed, it brought a sense of socialization to the community. They hope to provide activities such as face painting, dancing, swimming as well as health screening through Montefiore and Lincoln Hospitals to name a few. The application for this request was submitted to the Department of Transportation (DOT) and then to Street Activity Permit Office (SAPO). Now, however, they are looking for support from Community Board 4. If approved, this event will take place the first three weeks of August 2014 at 165th through 167th Street, from 10 am to 2 pm. Their hope is to start small and expand in the later years. Besides TA, some of the sponsors of this event are Bronx Museum of the Arts, BronxWorks, Montefiore Hospital, BRAC, Casita Maria, Lincoln Hospital and Boogie Down Bronx to name a few. Ms. Beverly Bond motioned for the request to reallocate the center lanes of the Grand Concourse at 165th to 167th on three consecutive Sundays on August 2014 from 10 am to 2 pm for Boogie on the Boulevard. The motion was seconded by Ms. Shelly Wilson. The motion was approved.
Presentation: Land Use 101 City Planning and Zoning Training Series, Mr. Paul Philps, Bronx City Planning.

 • City Planning & Zoning Resolution
• Land Use Regulations in New York City
- Introduction to zoning, ULURP & CEQR
- Evolution of Tenement Laws – 1916 Zoning Resolution

• Comprehensive Rezoning of 1961
Ten Basic Residential Zoning Districts
R1 R2 Detached Single Family
R3 Lower-Density Mix of Housing types
R4 R5 Low-Density Mix of Housing types
R6 R7 Medium-Density Apartment building District
R8, R9, R10 High-Density Apartment building District

Eight Basic Commercial Zoning Districts
C1, C2 Commercial Overlay

C3 Boats
C4 Regional Business Districts
C5 C6 Central Business Districts
C7 Amusement Parks
C8 Heavy Commercial & Auto Repair

Four Basic Industrial Zoning Districts
C8 Heavy Commercial & Auto Repair
M1 Light Manufacturing within enclosed building
M2 Medium Manufacturing
M3 Heavy Manufacturing, including uses considered objectionable & potentially hazardous.

- Permits retail, services & entertainment but no residential.
Establishes 18 different Use Groups
Groups 1-3 Residential
Groups 3-4 Community Facility (hospitals, universities, schools, etc.)
Groups 5-15 Retail & Office
Groups 16-18 Manufacturing & Heavy Industrial uses.

Zoning District Regulates:
Sizes of building in relation to zoning lot – Floor Area Ratio (FAR); distance between building and lot lines; open space required; lot coverage allowed; height; setbacks; parking and signs.

Significant Changes since 1961 Zoning Resolution include:
Quality housing, contextual zoning (A, B, D or X suffix), Lower Density Growth Management Areas, Special Districts, Waterfront Zoning, Inclusionary Housing and Neighborhood Preservation Resources.

Structure of Resolution:
Article II – Resident Districts
Article III – Commercial Districts
Article IV – Manufacturing Districts
Use, Bulk – Parking, Bulk Community Facility

Numbering System:
123-60 – Article XII, Chapter 3 – Section 60 – Special Bulk Regulation
123-65 – Special Yard Regulation
123-65-1 – Special Yard Regulation for residential building.

Part II will continue next month.

Note: DM: This is the first time that a presentation such as this has been done within a community board meeting.

Report by CB#4 District Manager: None at this time.

Report by the Office of the Bronx Borough President, Ruben Diaz, Jr. – Aurea Mangual
• Invitation to join community board by Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. Deadline to apply is February 7, 2014. Reappointments for current members are also due on the same date. Applications are also available at
• Bronx President Diaz celebrated Inauguration and Bronx Centennial.
• Board affected by redistricting of Councilmembers. New councilmember to this board --Richie Torres.
• Congratulations to Melissa Mark-Viverito for the position of City Council Speaker.
• NYCEDC announces Hunts Point Terminal Market for its commitment to staying in the Bronx until 2021.
• Martin Luther King celebration February 27, 14 from 12 pm to 3 pm at Dreiser Loop Community Center – 177 Dreiser Loop in Coop City. For more information: 718-590-3522.
• State of the Borough Address, February 20, 2014, 11:30 am at Hostos Community College.
• Dominican Heritage Celebration – Grand Slam Banquet Hall, 478 E. Tremont Avenue, February 21, 2014, 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm.
Report by Local Elected Officials or their representatives.
NYS Senator Jose M. Serrano represented by Angel Santana
• Hosting Housing Court Forum on February 29, 2014 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at New Settlement Campus, 1501 Jerome Avenue.
• Child Safety Law
• Formaldehyde Legislation – Keep carcinogens out of children’s products.
• Letter to 44th Precinct to address safety concerns of local constituents.
Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo’s office represented by Neyda Franco
• No report at this time but extended her and the Assemblywoman’s greetings.

Councilwoman Vanessa L. Gibson’s Office represented by Wendy Gallegos
• Inauguration at Hostos Community College on January 25, 2014.
• Appointed Chair of Committee on Public Safety
• Committee on Finance
• Committee on Development
• Committee on Sanitation
• Map of new district lines as they pertain to Community Board 4. (Handout)
Councilman Richie Torres’ Office represented by Aicha Bamba
• Office currently located at 1901 Southern Boulevard until it is relocated to Fordham Road (TBD). Contact number: 718-842-8100.
• Inauguration date to be determined but it will be in February 2014.
• Pairing with multiple organizations to collect clothes, food services and housing information for victims of three alarm fire at Walton & 187th Street on January 9, 2014.
Report by NYPD 44th Precinct – Officer Roger Bennett
• Sports
o Hockey at Yankee Stadium
o Superbowl
• NYPD Document Shredding to prevent identity theft at Bay Plaza Mall, 2100 Bartow Avenue, February 9, 2014, 11 am to 2 pm.
• 44th Precinct Council meeting.
• Explorers Color Guard at Vanessa Gibson’s Inauguration.
• NYPD – Monthly newsletter coming soon.

Rocky Otoo – Excited to announce First Lady, Michelle Obama’s state of the union address in education on January 28, 2014 and her mention of her Alma Mater, Dickson College which funds full tuition scholarships to High School seniors through the Posse Foundation.
John Howard – Soccer stadium in the Bronx. As a community we should stay abreast of issues.

Final Remarks:
Kitty Saunders – Community Board 4 will have its own public meeting of the soccer stadium when it has full information.

Jose Rodriguez – There is no official information as of today. The community will have a chance to voice their concern about the soccer stadium and it will ensure that we will do things in the right way. We will use all means to alert the community.

Meeting adjourned at 8:12 pm.

Prepared and submitted by Ms. L. Rosa.

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