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April 30, 2014
Time: 6:00 pm
Place: Urban Health Plan Simpson Pavilion

Members present:
Ralph Acevedo
Dr. Ian Amritt
Stephanie Afum
Alexa Campos
Mildred Colon
Altagracia Cruz
Julia Cruz, LMSW
Paula Fields
Alexi George
Twana Gilliard Green
Jerry Grace
Jesse Harris
Melissa Lomba
Roland Lopez
Luis Marrero
Cedric McClester
Ivette Melendez
Rev. Moses Oladosu
Marta Rivera
Larry Robinson
Israel Rodriguez
Charlie Samboy
Peter Jose Serrano
Richard Sherman
Pastor Reggie Stutzman
Maria Torres
John Udo Okon
Dashawn Williams

Members absent:
Barbara Alicea
John Calderone
Joyce Campbell – Culler
Lytza Colon
Wilberto Colon
Robert Crespo
Dr. Richard Izquierdo
Barbara Lopez
Jannie Pressley
Olga Rosario
Ray Serrano
David Sosa, Esq
Sterling Tanks

Staff Present:
Rafael Salamanca, Jr., District Manager Cynthia Baez, Community Associate
Oneida DeJesus, Community Assistant

The regular monthly meeting of Bronx Community Board #2 was held on Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at Urban Health Plan – Simpson Street Pavilion – 1054 Simpson Street, Bronx, New York 10459, in accordance with the time and place set forth in a public notice.


● Mr. Alex Sonera, Senior Administrator welcomed the community to Urban Health Plan – Simpson Street Pavilion. Mr. Sonera spoke briefly on the expansion of services provided.

● Ms. Deshawn Williams, Bronx NAN Chapter, spoke on the Unveiling of the Slave Memorial Ground at Drake Park on Saturday, May 17, 2014. Fliers were distributed.

● Mr. Jorge Sierra, Bronx LGBTQ Community Center, spoke on services provided by his agency. Bronx’s LGBTQ new address, 260 East 188th Street and phone number (347) 512 8291.

● Ms. Cynthia Suazo, Community Resident, stated there will be a prayer vigil honoring her sister, Eva Suazo, who was murder on April 30th 1996. The murder remains unsolved and a prayer vigil will honor unsolved murders and families affected by it. The vigil will take place Saturday May 3rd. The location is 1711 Lacombe Avenue from 2pm-4pm.

● Detective Delvalle-Sanchez, Bronx Detective Division, announced a celebration for the 100th Anniversary for the Fort Apache building located on Simpson Street. The event will be held on June 5th and the block will be closed with lots of activities for the community.

● Deputy Inspector Rivera provided the 28 Day Compstat report: all major crime went down with the exception of Grand larceny. Two rapes occurred, and both were statutory in nature. No follow-up can be given since both are on-going investigations.

● Deputy Inspector Rivera spoke on recent activity:

○ Robbery of a local Jewelry store on Southern Boulevard. No arrests have been made.

○ shooting at 1315 Lafayette Avenue. This is the second shooting this year at the location and additional deployment will occur at this location.

○ Arrests of gangs located in the community. A great deal of work transpired to arrest 23 individuals, which dates back from the killing of Lloyd Morgan in 2012.

● Ms. Melissa Lomba wanted an update regarding the theft of musical instruments at PS 48. Deputy Inspector Rivera stated there was no real progress as of yet. There was still some investigating work the Burglary unit is conducting.

● Mr. Israel Rodriguez requested an update regarding the Riker’s Island crime numbers being added to the 41st Precinct. Deputy Inspector Rivera stated local elected officials have met with superiors in the NYPD regarding this and will provide an update once one is given.

● Mr. Cedric McClester asked for an update regarding an attempted carjacking that was recorded and posted on the New York Daily News website. The attempted carjacking involved an individual riding on the side of a SUV taxi starting along the Bruckner Boulevard through the entire community board. Deputy Inspector Rivera could not comment on the arrest since it was made in another Precinct.

● Ms. Paula Fields wanted an update on the local Hookah lounge located on Southern Boulevard. Deputy Inspector informed the Board the Hookah lounge was formally evicted from the premises due to rent payment.


A. ROLL CALL- Quorum was established.

B. ADOPTION OF MINUTES – A motion to approve the minutes was made by Ms. Twana Green and seconded by Ms. Mildred Colon. All were in favor, motion was carried.

C. CHAIRMEN REPORT – Dr. Ian Amritt, Chair (see attached)

Dr. Amritt announced the appointments for the Nominating Committee:

● Altagracia Cruz – Accepted

● Jesse Harris – Declined

● Rev. John Udo-Okon – Accepted

● Pastor Reggie Stutzman – Accepted

● Roland Lopez – Accepted

● Melissa Lomba - Accepted

D. DISTRICT MANAGER REPORT – Mr. Rafael Salamanca, Jr., District Manager (see attached)

E. BOROUGH PRESIDENT REPORT – Ms. Aurea Mangual (see attached)


a. Economic Development / Municipal Services Committee (see attachment)

Ms. Maria Torres, Chairperson

Resolution (1):

A motion to write a letter to NYC Department of Transportation approving the Northbound and Southbound MTA bus stop sidewalk extensions at the intersection of Westchester Avenue and Simpson Street.

A motioned was made by Committee and seconded by Mr. Larry Robinson. All were in favor, motion passed.

Resolution (2):

A motion to write a letter to NYC Department of Transportation requesting a sidewalk medium at the intersection of 165th Street and Fox Street.

A motioned was made by Committee and seconded by Ms. Altagracia Cruz. All were in favor, motion passed.

b. Housing & Land Use Committee

Ms. Joyce Campbell-Culler, Chairperson

Resolution (1):

A motion to write a letter to Mr. Pat Ricci, Property Owner of 1098 Lafayette Avenue / 825 Garrison Avenue (former Platinum Pleasures) supporting Real of Life Church request to purchase the building/property.

A motioned was made by committee and seconded by Mr. Ralph Acevedo. All were in favor, expect for – 3 No Votes (Altagracia Cruz, Mildred Colon and Melissa Lomba) and 2 Abstentions (Roland Lopez and Pastor Reggie Stutzman). Motion passed.

c. Education Committee

Mr. Richard Sherman, Chairperson


Youth Services

Mr. Larry Robinson, Chairperson

d. Environmental Committee

Mr. Ralph Acevedo, Chairperson

e. Housing & Land Use Committee

Ms. Joyce Campbell-Culler, Chairperson

f. Health & Human Services / Environmental Committee

Mr. Luis Marrero, Chairperson

g. Franchise, Licensing and Permits Committee (see attachment)

Mr. Robert Crespo, Chairperson


● No old business.


● No new business


● Ms. Mildred Colon announced that BxCB2’s annual AIDS walk will be held on Saturday, September 13, 2014 with more information to follow.

● Ms. Paula Fields announced that the 41st Pct. Community Council Fellowship Breakfast will be on Tuesday, May 20, 2014 at 10:30AM. Location: Casita Maria – 928 Simpson Street.

● Ms. Melissa Lomba announced Start-up South Bronx will have a grand opening on May 14th with games and prizes given out.

● Ms. Marta Rivera announced the S.P.E.D. at Casita Maria on May 2nd 2014.

● Mr. Larry Robinson announced the next Bronx C-Ball event will occur May 3rd 2014 at Lehman High School.


A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Ms. Julia Cruz and seconded by Ms. Deshawn Williams. All were in favor, meeting was adjourned at 8:25PM.

Respectfully submitted by Mr. Ralph Acevedo, Secretary of Bronx Community Board #2.

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