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Held On: March 19, 2015
Schuyler House
3077 Cross Bronx Expressway
Bronx, NY 10465

PRESENT: H. Acampora, R. Baez, R. Barbarelli, R. Bieder, A. Boller, P. Cantillo, Col. W. Chin, A. Chirico, M. Davila, L. Goldstein, V.M. Gallagher, I. Guanill-Elukowich, M. Johnson, R. Kurz, R. Lifrieri, K. Lynch, J. McQuade, J. Marano, J. Misiurski, M.J. Musano, J. Onwu, C. Papastefanou, B. Pitt, L. Popovic, M. Pricoli, E. Primavera, M. Prince, J. Roberts, J. Russo, T. Salimbene, R. Sawyer, P. Sullivan, R. Talarico, M. Velazquez (total # present = 34 )

ABSENT: L. Blascovich, L. Burrowes, P. Devine, D. Hunt, D. Lock, K. Neddermeyer, M. Prohaska, R. Rodriguez, N. Rosario, A. Santiago, N. Semaj (total # absent = 11)

Community Liaisons:
Daniel Hogel - representing State Senator Jeffrey Klein
Leon Tulton - Office of Assemblyman Michael Benedetto
Arial Alvarez - Office of City Council Member James Vacca
Patrick Rocchio - Bronx Times Reporter

Board #10 Staff:
Kenneth Kearns - District Manager
Susan Duffy

Chairman Martin Prince began the meeting at 7:40PM with the Pledge of Allegiance. The above Community Liaison representatives were introduced and thanked for coming. NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer addressed the meeting. He touched upon the efforts of his office regarding pension fund management, NYC bonds, auditing City agencies, maintaining and
letting all City contracts. Comptroller Stringer asked the community to contact his office if there is a matter that should be investigated.

A discussion with the Comptroller ensued and dealt with the Board’s frustration in dealing with the NYC Department of Homeless Services (DHS). It was suggested that an audit and investigation be conducted on DHS. Comptroller Stringer will try to facilitate better communication with DHS. It was stated that there is no information available on the conduct of
business at the Crystal’s Place. A recommendation was made that homeless families be moved into NYCHA developments and that when a family occupying a large apartment experiences a reduction in size, that the family be asked to go to a smaller unit. Comptroller Stringer added
that federal housing monies were lost because NYCHA did not apply for them in a timely manner.

As to the Capital and Expense budget for Community Board #10, it was noted that not one request was approved; Comptroller Stringer added that NYC Parks projects only get approximately 25% approval while DSNY projects received 89% approval and the Borough President’s request have an even lower approval rate. In closing, the Comptroller suggested
looking at the Office’s website to see what has been accomplished

1 - Tanjila Rahman, NYC Consumer Affairs (DCA): discussed the efforts agency initiatives, such as the paid sick leave law, financial counseling and free tax preparation for eligible citizens; consumer fraud hotline and small business services.
2 - Leslie Brown, Library Manager of NYPL Baychester Branch in Co-op City, promoted the use of the programs at the libraries, NYPL needs funding; oral history project to be at Baychester Library on Co-op City.
3 - Dotti Poggi, Ferry Point Park Advocates: provided golf magazines from Trump Golf, Links course is having a soft opening on 4/1/15; homeless shelters – reaching out to community organizations to ask for letters of support to be forwarded to the Mayor, Public Advocate, Comptroller. Also expressed was a concern about the activities such as gambling and drinking at Ferry Point Park, the Crystal’s Place, and the overall economic
development of the Ferry Point Park community.

4 - Jessica Reynoso, Office of Public Advocate: Legislation has been introduced aimed at establishing a pension fund for private industries, working college safety act for students; and technology and information reporting relating to NYPD.

5 - Dan Hogel, Klein’s Office attended the Mayor’s Office of Contract Services MOC’s public hearing with Mr. Kearns on the extension of the contract to Acacia Network Housing to operate Crystal’s Place; rally with NYCHA at Throggs Neck Houses; easter bunny breakfast at Villa Barone; H.I.R.E. event for child care services. See website for additional information:

6 - Leon Tulton, Office of Assembly Member Benedetto attended DHS public hearing and submitted a statement regarding the homeless shelter. Contact the Assembly Member’s office at 718-892-2235 for additional information.

7 - Lou Rocco, WSCA: his association has been working to keep the community clean; problems with taxi’s parking on residential streets taking up spots for residents; meeting with NYC DOT about new islands on E. Tremont Avenue and accidents caused by them; wants to see a senior center in Westchester Square.

8 - Juan Rivera, Bronx Works, homeless outreach provider: discussed outreach efforts in CB10 and NYC Parks. Contact Bronx Works at 646-393-4072 or

9 - Egidio Sementilli: thanked the Board for its efforts at the 3/19/15 DHS hearing; praised Assembly Member Benedetto and Senator Klein for their participation in today’s hearing; Motion to close the public participation section was made by Mr. Salimbene, seconded by Ms. Johnson and unanimously approved by all. Motion to accept the minutes of the February 19, 2015 Bronx Community Board #10 meeting was made by Mr. Goldstein, seconded by Mr. McQuade, and unanimously approved by all.

Additional information can be found about the topics noted below on the Borough President’s website: .
● Annual Development Report was released by BP Diaz in which the Bronx saw over $1 million in new development
● Borough Board budget priorities for FY2016 are on-line and included support for a full service animal shelter.
● BP Diaz applauded Chancellor Farina and the Mayor for the addition of Muslim holiday to the school calendar
● Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point Park will open on April 1, 2015.
● Bronx Tourism Guide is available on the  website.

Mr. Kearns attended the hearing concerning the extension of the emergency contract for the Crystal’s Place (Capri Motel). Prior to the hearing Mr. Kearns reviewed the contract at the offices of NYC Department of Homeless Services (DHS). There was never any community
engagement/outreach to the Board from DHS prior to the opening of the Residence, and this is still the case. In addition there were no bids and the original contractor, HelpUSA, was substituted with Acacia. DHS did not communicate with the community and the provider when two sex offenders were put into the Residence. It was through the efforts of several community members that this was discovered and the Board and elected were able to put enough pressure on DHS to have them removed to another facility. Acacia, the current provider, is a good one and requests have been made to DHS to have them integrated into the community. In addition, it was impressed upon DHS management that security was needed. Acacia provided security to the lobby and vertical patrols. The Board stressed the vulnerability of the Residence’s population and repeatedly asked for DHS police to be on-site, which is now being conducted around the perimeter and inside the facility.

The Committee is meeting on March 30, 2015.
A nominating committee for the June 2015 elections is needed. Mrs. Gallagher, Mr. Sullivan, and Ms. Pitt volunteered. It was noted that elections for officers must be held every year, and
officers can serve consecutively for four (4) terms.

The Committee met on February 25, 2015. Meeting minutes are self-explanatory. Longstreet Avenue project: builder wants to build 5 homes and is seeking a variance; only 2 houses are permitted by DOB. This project would not be low density and is not wanted by the Locust Point community density. When the Bureau of Standards and Appeals contacts the Board on this matter, a hearing will be held in Locust Point.

The Committee met on March 4, 2015. At this meeting, renewal and new liquor licenses for the establishments were discussed and unanimously approved in Committee. These resolutions are presented to the full Board for approval: “Resolved…at the recommendation of the Economic Development Committee of Bronx Community Board #10, that the following establishments have agreed to comply with the best management practice standards contained within the stipulations, by signing them, and to further agree to attend ATAP training, and that their compliance be sent to the
State Liquor Authority and a copy placed in the Board’s file:
*Italia Café, 3009 Middletown Road, 10461, between Crosby & Hobart Aves, License #1261634, which expires on 03/31/15.
*Siete Ocho Siete, 3363 E Tremont Ave, 10461, between Haskin & Baisley Sts, License #1268116, which expired on 02/28/15.
*Legendary Bar, 3513 E Tremont Ave, 10465, between Barkley Ave & Sommer Pl, License #1248747, which expired on 12/31/14.
*Bistro SK, 273 City Island Ave, 10464, between Hawkins & Carroll Sts, License #125051, which expires on 05/31/15.

“Resolved…at the recommendation of the Economic Development Committee of Bronx Community Board #10, that the following establishments have agreed to comply with the best management practice standards contained in the Stipulations, by signing them, and to
further agree to attend ATAP training, and that their compliance be sent to the State Liquor Authority and a copy placed in the Board’s file:
*Villanueva Restaurant Corp, 3513 E Tremont Ave, 10465, between Barkley Ave & Sommer Pl, License #NEW (formerly Legendary Bar).
*Travesias Café, 3830-32-34 E Tremont Ave, 10465, between Schley Ave & Lamport Pl, License #NEW (formerly Gianni’s Café).

The resolutions were accepted by a majority of members, with one abstention. Mr. Kearns added that he, Mr. Prince, and Mr. Caruso met with Mr. Rosen of the State Liquor Authority (SLA). One of the items discussed was the definition of the 500 ft. rule. According to
the SLA, it is not viewed as an absolute rule but a theoretical one. There are different categories of liquor licenses and this rule is sometimes used as a guide. However, the SLA does not want to discourage businesses from opening. Reference was made to the various neighborhoods in
Manhattan where there are many restaurants with the same type of license on the same block. As a follow-up to the February Board meeting, the SLA was notified that the following two establishments, Casa and Illusions, were voted down at that meeting.

The Committee met on March 10, 2015. Mr. Russo addressed the letter sent by the Board to Mayor deBlasio about the possibility of relocating the 45th Precinct to a newer facility. The street activity permits were approved in Committee. A floor motion was presented to the Board at the March 19, 2015 meeting with respect to the street activity permits. “Resolved…at the request of the Municipal Services Committee of Bronx Community
Board #10 that the following street activity permits be approved and forwarded to the full Board for approval:

ID 196071 Weekend Walks/Community Street Fair 6/6/15, 6/13/15, 6/27/15, 2:30PM to 9:00PM, Lane Avenue between E. Tremont and Westchester Avenues, contact Lisa Sorin, WSBID rep.; ID 196915

Weekend Walks Community Street Fair, 6/21/15, 10AM to 7PM, Buhre Avenue between Crosby and Jarvis Avenue,
Irene Guanill, Pelham Bay Merchants; ID 200554 Harvest Fields Community Day, Block Party, 8/22/15, 9AM to 6PM. St. Raymond Avenue between E. Tremont Avenue and Williamsbridge Road, contact Raymond Vargas.”

Motion to accept the resolution was made by Mr. Sullivan and seconded by Mr. Misiurski and unanimously approval by all. NYC Department of Transportation presented a plan for traffic calming along E. Tremont
Avenue from Westchester Avenue to Bruckner Boulevard. A discussion began among Board members as to the pros and cons of this plan. It was added that a follow-up presentation will be made at the next Municipal Services Committee meeting in April. A motion to table a vote on
accepting the Plan was made by Mr. Chirico and seconded by Mr. Marano. This motion was approved by a majority of members with (2) opposed.

The Committee met on March 9, 2015. Mrs. Gallagher discussed the budget request for constructing a restroom in Ferry Point.

The Committee met on March 11, 2015. A public hearing was held at this meeting on the Register of Community Board Budget Requests
for the Preliminary Budget for Fiscal Year 2016. No request for Bronx Community Board #10 was approved. The Committee put together a letter to the Mayor outlining the Board’s response to the capital and expense budget requests.

“Resolved…at the request of the Planning and Budget Committee of Bronx Community Board #10 that the attached letter to the Honorable Bill de Blasio, Mayor of the City of New York, containing Bronx Community Board #10’s responses to the agency statements contained within the Register of Community Board Budget Requests for the Preliminary Budget for Fiscal Year 2016, be approved by the full Board at its next public
meeting and communicated to the Mayor.” Motion to accept the resolution was made by Mr. Talarico and seconded by Mr. Papastefanou
and unanimously approval by all.

HEALTH/HUMAN SERVICES: Ms. Lifrieri for Mrs. Hunt
The Committee met on March 19, 2015. The Committee discussed the health challenge. It was hoped that a mall walk could be arranged
on a weekend morning in the new Bay Plaza Mall but it is only available during weekday mornings.

The Committee met on March 16, 2015. Mr. Bieder went over the minutes. Topics discussed at this meeting were the Global Youth Day Essay Contest which is open to 7th and 8th grade students, TNCAP poster contest and teacher evaluations counting as 50% instead of 20% with
respect to standardized testing scores. As a result of this last item, the Committee drafted a resolution to send a letter to Governor Cuomo.

“Resolved…at the request of the Youth Services and Education Committee of Bronx Community Board 10 that a letter be written to Governor Cuomo and ask that the scoring portion for standardized tests remain at 20% and that it is the belief that increasing this will only lead to more teaching to the test and not a true evaluation method. Also, that the funding due to New York City Department of Education and our school children be
released without political discrimination.” Motion to accept the resolution was made by Mr. Goldstein and seconded by Mr. Salimbene and
unanimously approval by all.


A board member discussed the inequities in the costs and terms of service between the cable service providers. Another member announced a business being run by a community member called CakeItEasy;
sample cookies were available for tasting.

Motion to close the March 19, 2015 Community Board #10 meeting was made by Mr. Salimbene, seconded by Mr. Chirico and unanimously approved by all.

Respectfully submitted by Susan Duffy.

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