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April 17, 2014
Access Community Health Center
1420 Ferris Place
Bronx, NY 10461

PRESENT: H. Acampora, R. Bieder, P. Cantillo, Col. W. Chin, A. Chirico, R. Dominquez, L. Goldstein, B. Heaney, C. Hughes, M. Johnson, R. Kurz, D. Lock, J. McQuade, J. Misiurski, M.J. Musano, L. Popovic, M. Pricoli, M. Prince, J. Roberts, M. Romano, T. Salimbene, A. Santiago, R. Sawyer, R. Talarico, F. Ventola
(total # present 25)

ABSENT: R. Baez, L. Blascovich, L. Burrowes, P. Devine, D. Diaz, V.M. Gallagher, D. Hunt, A. Jack, R. Lifrieri, K. Lynch, J. Marano, J. Miller, K. Neddermeyer, C. Papastefanou, B. Pitt, D. Pouchie, M. Prohaska, A. Ribustello, R. Rodriguez, N. Rosario, J. Russo, P. Sullivan, D. White (total # absent 23)

Community Liaisons: Ciara Gannon - rep. State Senator Jeffrey Klein
Representative from Office of State Senator Ruben Diaz, Sr.
Ben Randazzo - representing Assemblyman Michael Benedetto
Stacy Gardener - representing City Council Member James Vacca
Tania Ochoteco - representing Council Member Annabel Palma
Representatives from Office of City Council Member Andy King
Patrick Rocchio - Bronx Times Reporter
Elvin Garcia - Mayor’s Office
Board #10 Staff: Kenneth Kearns - District Manager
Patrick Caruso
Susan Duffy

1st Vice Chair Martin Prince began the meeting at 7:30PM with the Pledge of Allegiance assisted by students from St. Joseph’s School for the Deaf.
Two of the electeds within Community Board #10 spoke prior to the public participation section.

Senator Jeff Klein highlighted the accomplishments and future goals of his office. He noted the efforts of an on-time New York State’s budget, fully funded universal pre-k, tax rebates for Mitchell Lama housing over the next twenty years and the development of a Mitchell-Lama like housing program. Other topics included meeting with NYC Department of Transportation Commissioner and the community concerning the City Island Bridge; making schools a focal point of a community with business, health institutions; estate tax levels raised, sponsoring legislation with respect to party buses and its operations.

Assemblyman Michael Benedetto applauded Senator Klein and his independent coalition. The Assemblyman noted that bills were passed which focused on the hiring of veterans for temporary worker positions, awarding of state contracts to veteran-owned businesses; currently working on a bill that assists veterans with “veteran village” whereby returning serviceman can get the services needed to return back to a non-service environment; and co-sponsoring a bill in the Assembly for veterans’ courts.

After the elected left, the Community Liaison representatives noted above were introduced and thanked for coming.

1 - Elvin Garcia, Bronx Borough Director, Citywide LGBT Outreach, Office of the Mayor, Community Affairs Unit: topics mentioned - animal shelter and Ferry Point Park. Contact information: 253 Broadway, 14th Floor, New York, NY 10007, 212-788-1412 | .
2 - Edigidio Sementelli: concerned with issues in the Pelham Bay community – panhandlers, homeless, youth, wants limited barbecuing in Pelham Bay Park. He requested more police presence during the hours of 4:00PM – 12AM as well as additional lighting.
3 - Jorge Sierra, Bronx LGBTQ Community Services Center: introduced himself and the services available to teens and adults that are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning community such as a legal clinic and community health, youth programs. Contact  347-LGBT-BX1
4 - Debra Arles, St. Joseph’s School for the Deaf: thanked the Board for providing Yankee tickets and allowing the students to participate in the Pledge of Allegiance; also noted that SJSD is celebrating its 145th Year with an event in September.
5 - Sofia Welbeck, Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence, 718-508-1297: shared statistics on domestic violence in CB #10 and informed the community about the services available at 198 E. 161st Street for domestic violence victims.
6 - Pat Lifrieri, property owner in Westchester Square: requested assistance from the Board with a problem concerning trespassing and damage done by NYC Dept of Health.
7 - Tania Ochoteco, Council Member Palma’s Office: shared information about upcoming events being sponsored by the Council Member – call 718-792-1140 for additional information.
8 - Deborah Sorkin, Access Community Health Center – advised the community of the services available at the 1420 Ferris Place location.

Motion to close the Public Participation Section was made by Mr. Misiurski, seconded by Mr. Bieder and unanimously approved by all.
Mr. Prince noted that on May 8, 2014 District Manager Kearns, as well as the Bronx Borough President and five others, are being honored by the Chippewa Democratic Club at the Villa Barone Manor. Individuals interested can pick up a flyer at the end of the meeting and or call Mrs. Kilkenny in the Board Office.

Motion to accept the minutes of the March 20, 2014 Community Board #10 meeting was made by Mr. Bieder, seconded by Mr. Pricoli and unanimously approved by all.

The following items are from the written report submitted by the Borough President’s Office:
Borough President Diaz released statements with respect to the Appellate Court decision in favor of Fresh Direct and Paid Sick Leave Legislation. Borough President Diaz released a new report outlining the positive effects of the future redevelopment of the Special Harlem River Waterfront District will have on the Bronx. Bronx Week 2014 begins Thursday, May 8 – Sunday, May 18; for additional information call 718-590-BRONX or .

District Manager Kearns waived his report for the April 17, 2014 Bronx CB #10 meeting.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Mr. Prince for Mr. Marano
The Committee met on April 1, 2014 and the minutes are self-explanatory.
HOUSING/ZONING COMMITTEE: Mr. Kearns for Mr. Sullivan
The Committee did not meet in April.
The Committee met on April 10, 2014. Mr. McQuade read the minutes and discussed the “conditions” statements for the liquor purveying establishments that had problems or concerns.
The following resolution was read:
“Resolved…at the recommendation of the Economic Development Committee of Bronx Community Board #10, that the following establishments have agreed to comply with the best management practice standards contained within the stipulations, by signing them,
and to further agree to attend ATAP training, and that their compliance be sent to the State Liquor Authority and a copy placed in the Board’s file:

*Alfie’s, 3037 Cross Bronx Expy, between E Tremont & Edison Aves., License #1261501, which expires on 05/31/14.
*Scott Place Café, 3604 C E Tremont Ave, between Scott & Sullivan Pls, License #1261891, which expires on 4/15/15.
*Boulevard Tavern, 2918 Bruckner Blvd, 10465, between E Tremont & Edison Ave, License #1103297, which expires on 5/31/14.
*El Bohio Tropical, 18-20 Westchester Sq, between Westchester Sq & Williamsbridge Rd, License #NEW.”
*Area 98, 2997 Westchester Avenue, Bronx NY 10461, between Buhre and Hobart Avenues, License # 1260737, which expires on 4/3014.
Motion to accept the resolution was made by Mr. Bieder, seconded by Mr. McQuade and unanimously approved by all.

The following resolution concerning street activity permits was read:
Resolved…At the request of the Municipal Services Committee of Bronx Community Board #10 that the following street activity permits be approved and that this information be reported to the full Board:

* Harvest Fields Community Day, Block Party, Benson Street between Maclay & St. Raymond’s Avenues, 8/16/14 10:00AM-5:00PM
* Pelham Bay Merchants Association, Weekend Walks, Buhre Avenue between Crosby and Jarvis Avenues, 8/16/14 and 8/23/14, 12:00PM-5:00PM
* Harrington Avenue Block Party 2014, Harrington Avenue between Mayflower and Edison Avenues, 8/16/14 12:00PM-9:00PM
* Fairfax Ave Block Party, Fairfax Avenue between Waterbury and Baisley Avenues, 6/14/14, 11:00AM-8:00PM
* LaSalle Block Party, LaSalle Avenue between Edison and Gillespie Avenues, 7/4/14 12:00PM-8:00PM
* Bronx YMCA New Americans Welcome Center – Information Street, Glebe Avenue between Lyon and Starling Avenues, 5/24/14, 1:00PM-4:00PM
* July 4th Block Party, Randolph Place between Stadium Avenue and Kennelworth Place, 7/4/14, 12:00PM-9:00PM
* Glebe Avenue Block Party, Glebe Avenue between Westchester and Lyon Avenues, 8/9/14, 12:00PM-9:00PM
* Griswold Avenue 4th Annual Block Party, Griswold Avenue between MacDonough and Dwight Places, 8/2/14, 12:00PM-9:00PM
* Family Gathering Block Party, Herschell Street between Seabury Avenue and Halsey Street, 7/5/14, 12:00PM-9:00PM
Motion to accept the resolution was made by Mr. Misiurski, seconded by Mr. Hughes and unanimously approved by all.

The following resolution was read:
Resolved…At the recommendation of the Municipal Services Committee that the installation of City Benches at 1602 Seddon Street, cross street St. Peter’s Avenue, and 2514 East Tremont Avenue (cross streets St. Peter’s Avenue and Montgomery Place) be opposed and that this information be reported to the full Board for its approval.”
Motion to accept the resolution was made by Mrs. Lock, seconded by Mr. Goldstein and unanimously approved by all.
The following floor resolution was read:
“Resolved…At the recommendation of Bronx Community Board #10 that the installation of a City Bench in front of the Soundview Throgs Neck Community Health Center, 2527 Glebe Avenue be opposed and that this information be reported to the full Board for its approval.”
Motion to accept the resolution was made by Mrs. Acampora, seconded by Mr. Chirico and unanimously approved by all.
PARKS/RECREATION COMMITTEE: Mr. Kearns for Mrs. Gallagher
The Committee minutes from April 14, 2014 are self explanatory.
The Committee met on April 9, 2014 and discussed the letter to the Mayor on the FY2015 Preliminary Budget and the District Office’s internal budget. The following resolutions were read:
“ the Recommendation of the Planning and Budget Committee that the Board’s response letter to the Mayor’s Preliminary Budget for Fiscal Year 2015, be approved and that this information be forwarded to the full board for its approval.”
Motion to accept the resolution was made by Mr. Hughes, seconded by Mr. Heaney and unanimously approved by all.
“Resolved… at the Recommendation of the Planning and Budget Committee of Bronx Community Board #10, that the internal budget be approved and this information be forwarded to the full Board for its review.”

Motion to accept the resolution was made by Mr. Dominguez, seconded by Mr. Goldstein and unanimously approved by all.
HEALTH/HUMAN SERVICES: Mr. Kearns for Mrs. Hunt
The Committee did not meet in April. The 2nd Annual Health Career Fair was held on April 2, 2014 at the Greek American Institute.
March meeting went well and finalized the selections for the Essay Contest which was held on April 2 in conjunction with the Health and Human Services Committee 2nd Annual Health Career Fair. The Yankee Grant awardees will be recognized on Community Board 10 Day at Yankee Stadium on Saturday April 26. On April 11, 2014 the Committee visited the Beacon Program at the Piagentini & Jones Campus and met with Mark Virella, Program Director. Mr. Virella noted that the program needs additional children and asked for assistance in reaching out to the community associations and local publications. Visits to Teen Centers will continue this month and next.

Nominations from the floor were requested for the Executive Board. The current chair, Mr. Marano, is term limited. Mr. Bieder nominated Mr. Prince for Chair, Mr. Marano for 1st Vice Chair, Mrs. Lock for 2nd Vice Chair. Mr. Salimbene was nominated for 2nd Vice Chair by Mr. Heaney and Mr. Goldstein. Mr. Misiurski was nominated for Chair by Mr. Dominguez and Mr. Kurz.
Motion to close the nominations discussion was made by Mr. Kurz, seconded by Mr. Salimbene and unanimously approved by all.

May 10 - Join NAMI-NYC Metro for their NAMI Walk at South Street Seaport #17 in New York, NY. The check-in time will be at 8:00 AM and the walk will begin at 10:00 AM; contact Sarah Sheahan, Walk Manager, at  or 212-684-3365.

Traveling Bingo event sponsored by Senator Klein will be held on May 2nd at the Samuel Young Post. The Westchester Square Merchants Fair in the Square will be held on Saturday, May 10, 2014.

Motion to close the April 17, 2014 Community Board #10 meeting was made by Mr. Bieder, seconded by Mr. Pricoli and unanimously approved by all.

Respectfully submitted by Susan Duffy.

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