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December 19, 2013


Attendance: George Rodriguez, Maria Garcia Baltazar, Robert H. Barnes, Betty Bryant-Brown, Passyna Bula-Bula, Josephine Fernandez-Byrne, Maura Cosme, Linda Duke, Isabel Figueroa, Brenda Goodwin, Lucas Henriquez, John Johnson, John Lemon, Nellie McKay, Evelyn Munoz, Freddy Perez, Jr., Justino Rodriguez, Carmen Santos, Alice Simmons, Marcelo Villagran, Tracy A. Woodall, Delores Waller-Worrell, Hakiem A. Yahmadi.

Absent: Ngande Ambroise, Carmen Aquino, Carol Boddie, Michael C. Brady, Jessica Clemente, Gloria Cruz, Linda D. Gaines, Silverio Guzman, Richard Iyasere, Jorge Leon, Theresa Marrero, Eileen Marquez, Walter C. Nash, Linda Ortiz, Arline Parks, Betty Wessley, Maria Davis Wilson.

The Chairman called for the roll.

The roll was called and there were twenty-three members present constituting a quorum.

Public Session
Good evening everyone my name is Minerva Medina and I work for State Senator Ruben Diaz. I wanted to inform you of an activity that did take place this week it was on Monday and we gave out toys to the children at IS216. It was very successful and we gave away about one thousand toys. Tomorrow starting at seven at Maestro’s we will be having a Christmas Party. I did give out invitations. This celebration for Christmas is for free it’s an open bar and free food. It’s for the community we’re inviting a lot of people so what I would advise is that if you are deciding to go tomorrow please try to be there before seven because although it’s an open invitation seating is limited.

I also wanted to inform that although I do not have any invitations at this time there will be an activity on January the 3rd for the Three Kings Day where we’re going to be giving out toys as well.

If you’d like to ask me any questions on any topic the number to the office is 718-991-3161 and the address to the office is 900 Rogers Place and that’s on 163rd next to Intervale Avenue. So I’m hoping to being part of this Community Board become informed about this area and be able to relate any information needed to the Senator.

Mr. Angel Santana said that he’s from Senator Serrano’s Office and I would like to talk about a few items on the report.

Senator Serrano paid a visit to PS 385 and spoke with the students about his work as a State Senator with classes in the third, fourth and fifth grades. The visit served as an opportunity for the students to ask questions and learn about their local, state and federal government. The Senator said that it was truly inspiring to spend the morning speaking with the students at PS 385.
Another item I wanted to speak about was a decision by Landmarks Preservation Commission which granted landmark status to the interior of the Bronx General Post Office. Serrano stated that I am pleased that the Landmarks Preservation Commission has acknowledged the concerns of the community advocates by protecting the historical and architectural integrity of the Bronx Post Office interior. Since the 1930’s beautiful murals inside the General Post Office have been a part of the diverse, artistic and cultural fabric of the South Bronx. It is indicative of the era now long gone with our artisans working side by side with builders and architects to create structures that are esthetically pleasing and inspiring while being extremely functional. I’m also pleased that this functioning work of art will be preserved for generations to enjoy.

Lastly Senator Serrano believes that it is important to protect ourselves from the flu virus so recently we held a free flu-shot event in our district office. This was co-sponsored by the Visiting Nurse Service of New York and we were able to administer 40 shots.

Mr. Andrew King representative from Councilwoman Melissa Mark Viverito said that it’s pretty brief we had our first round of delegate committee meetings. Residents signed up in the fall with our neighborhood assemblies to volunteer and work residents from Mott Haven and Highbridge formed two solid committees and they’re just going to be developing the project proposals that came out of those neighborhood assemblies. These small scale capital projects get such things as 50 new computers into a school lab or to upgrade a playground. So this first round of meetings went well we got a space in Hostos right in the middle of the Bronx portion of our district.

My colleague had a meeting with NYCHA officials around the Betances Senior Center. I don’t have too many details on that but I could follow up. And then we had a good meeting with a Dean of High Schools because a lot of our schools not only lack quality physical education but also sports. So some folks here in the South Bronx started a small school athletic league and they’re trying to get about 1,000 students involved because their needs are not being met by the Department of Education (DOE) within the regular public schools.

Ms. Emma Rodgers from Bronx Health Reach a part of the institute for Family Health a series of federally qualified Health Centers and we do a variety of things but what I focus on is community based health programs. I’m here tonight because I’m working with WEDCO which is the Women’s Housing & Economic Development Corporation to do a needs assessment survey of the community of Melrose. So we over the last year have been meeting with different organizations, community boards and community members to talk about what are the needs of the neighborhood. What’s working, what’s not working and how can we improve it overall. In this area WEDCO is building a pretty large new site which is going to have affordable housing as well as a space for a commercial site possibly for a supermarket as well as an area for musicians. But right now again we’re doing some planning as to what are the needs and interests how can we support community members in making some changes in making the neighborhood of Melrose healthier, happier and a brighter area. So again after some meetings this summer we are doing surveys of community members and organizations including SoBRO as well down the road. I’m here today to see if you guys will fill out the survey number one and number two if you could help with distribution. We’re trying to get about a thousand people to complete the survey we are now approximately about three hundred. We have the survey in print we can drop it off anywhere to any organization or housing development to people who live or go to school in Melrose and also we have it online in English and Spanish. We want to hear from everyone and the idea is once we collect all this information we’re going to report back to the community. So you will probably see me again about in February and I will let you know what we’ve found and then we’re going to form sort of a leadership team with community members and organizations to prioritize three to five projects in Melrose. Looking at health and wellness in housing and other areas we hope to do some good work in the community over next several years but it has to come from you guys first that’s the most important thing.

End of Public Session
The Chairman called for a motion on the agenda.

Motion made to approve the Agenda as presented. Motion duly seconded. Called and passed unanimously.

The Chairman called for a motion on the Prior Meeting Minutes.
Motion made to approve the Prior Meeting Minutes as presented. Motion duly seconded. Called and passed unanimously with 2-abstentions.

Chairman & District Manager’s Report
The Chairman and District Manager gave their report.

Board member Carmen Santos said that a lot of you know that I live in Diego Beekman, I sit on the Board and Ms. Parks is the CEO of the Board. We had an event this weekend Friday and we decided that Community Board 1 has been there for us all the way from day one to the present so as a member of Community Board 1 and Diego Beekman we decided to give Community Board 1 and award from Diego Beekman to all of you. Ms. Santos presented the Board with the award.

The Chairman thanked Ms. Santos on behalf of the Board.
Motion made to accept the Chairman and District Manager’s Report as presented. Motion duly seconded. Called and passed unanimously.

Old Business
Board member Carmen Santos said that she and Alice had just come from Lincoln Hospital where the 40th Precinct Police Community Council gave out toys to the children. Whatever is left over we usually donate to the hospital ward and other places.

Board members Brenda Goodwin and Passyna Bula-Bula briefly discussed Obamacare and the importance of finding out all you can about it and whether or not you qualify for this healthcare program.

New Business
Ms. Tracy Woodall informed the board that the first C-Ball event would be held on Saturday, January 4, 2014 starting at 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM at the Classic Center 286 East 156th Street & Morris Avenue, Bronx, New York.

The Chairman called for a motion to adjourn.

Motion made to adjourn. Motion duly seconded. Called and passed unanimously.

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