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Bronx Community Districts

Committee Chairpersons & Members

1967 Turnbull Avenue
Bronx, NY 10473
TEL: (718) 823-3034
FAX: (718) 823-6461

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Chairperson: William Rivera
District Manager: Francisco M. Gonzalez


Secretary: Kyhelm Paul
Treasurer: Bharati Kemraj
1st Vice Chair Mohammed Mujumder
2nd Vice Chair: Vacant

Committee Chairs

Land & Zoning Committee - Mohammad Mujumder
Parks Committee - Chairperson Jesse Mendoza
Public Service Committee - Chairperson William Rivera
Education & Youth Committee - Chairperson Bharati S. Kemraj
Social Service Committee - Chair Rev. Dr. Sidney Hargrave


Alison Bush-Jones

Benigno Cuevas

Bharati S. Kemraj

Brandon Ganaishlal

Daniel Porro III

Deborah Oguamah

Edison Aponte

Felipa Manaiza

Fernando Otero

Henry Pelayo Jr.

Jacqueline Torres

Jesse Mendoza

Juan Torres

Kyhelm S. Paul

Loretta Masterson

Michael Beltzer

Mohammad Mujumder

Nicholas Himidian

Nicole Washington

Rev. Dr. Sidney Hargrave

Rogier F. Van Vlissingen

Sarwar Jahan

Ms. Sharan Fernandez

William Rivera

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