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1932 Arthur Avenue, Room 709
Bronx, NY 10457
TEL: (718) 579-6990
FAX: (718) 579-6875

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(As of January 2014)

Wendy Rodriguez, Board Chairperson

Sara N. Logan, 1st Vice Chairperson

Claudette Coles, 2nd Vice Chairperson

Thomas J. Murray, Treasurer

Floretta A. O’Brian, Secretary

(This position is currently vacant), Parliamentarian   



Jannie Armstrong
Virginia Bird
John Colangelo
Annette DeJesus
Diana Diaz
Dior Doward
Margarita Espinosa
Frank J. Franz
Maria Garcia
Roger Gomez
Yesania Graciani

Robert Holliday
Marie Howse
Cindy Ibarra
Magdamari Marcano
Yvonne Murphy
Rosa Peraza
Rev. Hiram Ratliff
Dolores Steele
Lissette Torres
Perquida Williams

Committee Chairs
Economic Development - Yesenia Graciani
Health & Human Services - Thomas J. Murray
Housing and Land Use - Sara N. Logan
Law Enforcement - Claudette Coles & Maria Garcia
Parks and Recreation - Margarita Espinosa
Sanitation - Roger Gomez
Senior Citizens Outreach - Lissette Torres
Transportation - Magdamari Marcano
Youth and Education - Perquida Williams

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