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4101 White Plains Road
Bronx, NY 10466
TEL: (718) 881-4455
FAX: (718) 231-0635



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Alexander, Gloria

Arroyo, Louie

Beckford, Hugh, G.

Benitez, Judith

Berry, Hazel

Bloomfield, Hilary

Borsotti, Carla
Environmental Concerns Committee

Bowman, Willie

Brown, Victor

Burgin, Walter
Public Safety Committee Chairperson

Calhoun, Annie

Clark, Larry
Economic & Business Service Committee Chairperson

Connell, Beryl

Connell, James J.

Dickson, Velma

Dillard, Richard

Dunkley, Gideon Jr.

Eastmond, Laura
Libraries and Cultural Affairs Committee Chairperson

Evans, Raymond

Foreman, Christine

Goff, Johnnie
Education and Youth Services Committee Chairperson

Gordon-Weekes, Marcia

Gorman, Father

Hall, Robert

Hall, William
First Vice Chairperson

Holst, Irma

LeCount, Russell
Parks and Recreation Committee Chairperson

LaGrant, Barbara

Parris- Miller, June

Moore, Thomas

Nieves-Span, Michelle

Ortiz, Carmen

Parr, Kenneth

Powell, Claudia

Pritsky, Craig

Richardson, Cynthia

Richardson, Laurie

Robbins-Bobyn, April

Russell, Earnestine

Selman, Bernice

Shillingford, Neva

Straker, Sr. Benjamin
Health and Human Services Chairperson

Stricker, Karl
Second Vice Chairperson & Land Use Committee Chairperson

Washington, Carol

Wilson, Pauline
Housing Committee


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