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1932 Arthur Avenue, Room 403
Bronx, NY 10457
TEL: (718) 579-6990
FAX: (718) 579-6875


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Please be advised that the next general meeting of Bronx Community Board #6 will be held as follows::

LOCATION: VIP Community Services’ Men’s Residence, 764 East 176th Street
(Corner of Prospect Avenue)
Bronx, New York
TIME: 6:30 p.m.


Subject to change
1. Call to Order
2. Invocation.
3. Community Period.
4. Special Guest:
● Hon. Rafael Salamanca, Council Member for the 17th Council District
5. Bronx Borough President’s Report.
6. Elected Officials’ Reports.
7. District Manager’s Report
8. Community Service Award Presentation
(Recipient to be announced)
9. Informational Presentation:
John S. Cnapich, Office of Child Support Enforcement
10. Roll Call Attendance
11. Committee Reports.
12. Adoption of Motions.
● A motion to adopt the minutes of Bronx Community Board #6’s meeting of March 9, 2016.
A motion to issue a letter in support of a proposal by the Greenburger Center for Social and Criminal Justice to establish, a 6-year pilot secure (locked) 15-bed male “residential treatment facility for justice involved adults with serious mental illness who are facing multi-year sentences of incarceration and who do not quality for existing community-based alternatives.” During years 3-4 of the pilot program, the Greenburger Center will establish a 10-bed facility for women who meet the same criteria described above. The two proposed facilities will be located at 849 and 853 Crotona Park North and will be known as Hope House on Crotona Park.
A motion to begin removal proceedings against community board member Bourema Niambele for having been absent from five of the community board past six meeting, three of those absences were consecutive). Pursuant to the community board by laws a motion to remove a member must appear on two consecutive board meeting agendas. Tonight is the first publication of this motion.
A motion to amend the community board’s bylaws to include a section that specifies the length of time a member may be on a Leave of Absence before the board begins proceedings to have that member officially removed.
13. Announcements.
14. Adjournment.


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