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Thorpe Family Residence

Thorpe Family Residence opened on May 1, 1989, as a transitional housing program with services for homeless mothers with children from newborn to eight years old. The Dominican Sisters of Sparkill sponsor this program as a ministry that follows the footsteps of their foundress, Alice Thorpe, who dedicated her life to help poor mothers and children.

This building with sixteen apartments was renovated by a grant of $1,160,000 from the New York State Department of Social Services under the Homeless Housing Assistance Program. It has served over 250 families.

Park Avenue Thorpe opened in June 1998. This new program provides permanent housing with supportive services. A grant from NYS HHAP also provided for the renovation of this building. An increased allocation of tax credits aids us with operating revenues. This building has six floors with an elevator and ramp. There are 15 two-bedroom apartments and 5 one-bedroom apartments. The first floor has offices for a social worker, an office manager, and Sr. Barbara Lenniger, the Executive Diector of both programs. An area for a Pre-Kindergarten has been provided and St. Dominic's of Blauvelt rents this space. The adjoining lots will become a playground with some parking spaces and a small garden.

Thorpe Family Residence has been described as an "extremely effective grass roots group that provides crucial services to mothers and children at risk."

They would welcome your contributions, be it food, clothing, towels, sheets, pots and pans, crayons. etc.

Thorpe Family Residence
2252 Crotona Avenue
Bronx, NY 10457
(718) 933-7312


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