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South Bronx Board of Trade
564 Southern Blvd.
Bronx, New York 10455





We honor and mourn   
Michael Nunez, our 
president and one of 
our original Founding 
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Biography of MICHAEL NUNEZ

Mr. Michael Nunez began his distinguished business career in 1964 as a Special Assistant to the Executive Director in The South Bronx Neighborhood Orientation Center .  The programs of this agency were geared towards the delivery of much needed services to welfare clients.  It also focused on code enforcement of residential buildings and it pioneered in the rehabilitation of substance abusers.

In 1966, Mr. Nunez was a consultant in Project Advance.  He researched several industries in order to design training programs. 

Soon after he was selected to become the Assistant Director for programs at the Hunts Point Community Program Center .  He was responsible for the Outreach Community Services Program, which provided technical assistance to neighborhood programs.    During this period he was tapped to be the Coordinator and Outreach Officer to the South Bronx Concentrated Employment Program.  He developed services to the community for federally sponsored manpower training programs.

Mr. Nunez' extensive professional career continued with his appointment as Senior Project Manager at the Harlem Commonwealth Council.  His assignment there was to seek out and expedite opportunities to foster minority-owned and managed enterprises. 

In 1969, Mr. Nunez returned to The Bronx as the Executive Deputy Director for Programs at Hunts Point Multi-Service Center, Inc.  Mr. Nunez coordinated community and private sector economic development projects.

In 1971, Mr. Nunez assumed the responsibility of Chief Executive Officer at Bronx Venture Corporation, a community based economic development corporation. 

Mr. Nunez holds a Bachelors Degree from the College of New Rochelle with Honors.  He also holds a Masters in Science in Economic Development from New Hampshire College .   Fluent in Spanish & English, he holds a Certificate in Financing Community Development from the Continuing Education Program at Harvard.

As of 1991, he presently holds the position of Executive Director of the Puerto Rican Home Attendants Services, Inc., a home care agency with over 500 employees.

Mr. Nunez is also the Present President of The South Bronx Board of Trade.  He was also the Past President of the Bronx Rotarians and he is still active with this organization.  Mr. Nunez is on the Board of Directors of The Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation.

He is survived by his wife Millie Pacheco–Nunez, Daughter Thea Nunez.

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