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First Step Women's Support Group
helping ourselves and keeping our families together
Our mission is to help women in our community empower themselves and take control of their lives by making available to them venues through which they might discuss their issues and concerns for resolution,
increasing their awareness of issues and concerns that
affect women as a group, and by providing referrals,
information, networking opportunities and guidance
which will enable them to overcome and resolve their issues and concerns, and in so doing, build their self esteem and enhance their ability to help themselves and

keep their families together.
Since December of 2005, several women were concerned about the quality of life in The Bronx and support for women services. In February of 2006, The The First Women's Support Group gave their first seminar on child care & housing in The Bronx. In April of 2006, they collaborated with  9 other community organizations in holding the "1st Annual Community Night Out on Child Abuse". In the summer, First Step also collaborated to provide support for the annual "Community Block Party". Recently, in September, First Step, in conjunction with The Committee of 100 Democrats and The Department of Environmental Protection, held a "Job Fair" for residents looking for full time construction jobs. 
Elizabeth Thompson, Vice President of First Step Women's Support Group believes it is "high time" women came together to talk and solve about "women's issues of the day. " Employment opportunities, Family Housing, Domestic Violence & Abuse, Child Care, Education & Schools, Health Care, Substance Abuse and Incarcerated families, these are issues which pull society and its women down. Our group is the first group to take women out of this terrible cycle and empower them with information, guidance and solutions. Patricia and others have done such a great job in such a short period of time".

     For more information, please contact:

     Patricia Woods at 718.877.5790 -

     or Elizabeth Thompson at 917.443.1952 -


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