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BCA EXHIBITION On view in The Main Gallery: Now - December 10, 2014. Closing Reception: Wed, December 3, 2014, 5:00-9:00pm Curated by Sarah Sandman. From Wick to Mott Haven: The Magic Realism of Ian Scott Charles Scott Exploring “Magic Realism” through an extended cast of unforgettable characters stretching from Ian Charles Scott’s studio in the South Bronx to his hometown of Wick in remote Northern Scotland will be the core of Scott’s first solo show in the Bronx. (Main Gallery). Details click here...

Lehman Art Gallery Programs: The Lehman College Art Gallery, 250 Bedford Pk. Blvd., W., offers a variety of new programs for children, teachers and families. Students will analyze, interpret and share their reactions to the gallery’s works and participate in in-class art projects. More info at (718) 960-8731 or visit .

The "Original" Hall of Fame: The Hall of Fame for Great Americans, which features 98 bronze portrait busts of noted  Americans, is open seven days a week at the Bronx Community College campus (at  University Avenue and West 181st Street). Group tours are available. For more  info, call 289-5161.

The Riverdale-Yonkers Society for Ethical Culture's Meeting House: (4450 Fieldston Rd., 718-548-4445):  film club,  presents  . . . Call 718-548-4445 for details.

The Point: (841 Barretto St., 718-542-0267 or 718-842-5223; discounts for Bronx Cultural Card holders):

At the Bronx Zoo: (718-367-1010):  A variety of courses and programs for children and adults. Call 718-367-1010 or 718-220-5131 for all fees.  Call 718-367-1010 for admission fees.

The Bronx Culture Trolley has become a "must do event" on the calendars of "First Wednesday" regulars from all five boroughs and beyond. Read about it here...


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