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Creative Lifestyles, Inc.
67 Bruckner Blvd.
Bronx, New York 10454
Tel. (718) 665-7002


who are we?
Creative LifeStyles, Inc. is a culturally sensitive, community- centered organization dedicated to assisting individuals with developmental disabilities to be independent, empowered, and full members of their community.

Creative LifeStyles, Inc. was  officially incorporated on July 14, 1989 and began serving  consumers in March of 1994. Ann Hill founded Creative LifeStyles, Inc. as a human service agency dedicated to the ideals of a quality life for individuals with mental retardation and developmental disabilities in direct response to the overwhelming need.  The staff of Creative LifeStyles, Inc.  believes in the value of communities and neighborhoods where all disabled persons deserve a Creative Life Style.

what do we do?
Creative LifeStyles, Inc. provides quality supports designed with the individuals, families and caregivers to enable these individuals to live, work and play in the community of their choice, regardless of the simplicity or complexity of their disabilities.

Creative LifeStyles, Inc. aggressively pursues  opportunities that lead to nurturing and meaningful life experiences that allow individuals to flourish.  Our services include:

Case Management
Case management and or Service Coordination are the basis of all programs for our consumers. Each individual we serve is assigned a case manager in order to enable them to live the most productive lifestyle this individual is capable of living. Case managers link and refer our consumers and or their parents to various services. Our primary responsibility is to link and refer, assist and empower the consumer to make their decisions to live a Creative LifeStyle. This person-centered approach allows us to work in conjunction with the consumers to enable them to live and participate in the Services we link our consumers to include:

In-Home Residential Habilitation Services
In-Home Residential Habilitation provides in-home services to the families of consumers thereby supporting caregivers with the difficult task of raising a child with special needs. Consumers of all ages are eligible for this program as long as they qualify. This service allows consumers to maximize their living skills while taking the opportunity to travel into the community. In the interim, caregivers are provided an opportunity to rest and refocus their priorities.

Creative LifeStyles, Inc.
currently operates 8 Individual Residential Alternatives serving 41 adults of all ages with special needs in the Bronx.  The residential services provide lifelong care to people with mental retardation and developmental disabilities, when parents or family members can no longer continue to do so.  A professional staff of direct care workers, along with medical and other health care professionals works in conjunction with the consumer and support system in order to provide an enriching and person centered lifelong living environment.

Day Habitation
Day Habilitation aims to provide creative and enriching vocational and daily living experiences to individuals who are 19 years of age or older and have aged out of the board of education.   We provide a person centered approach to individuals involved, providing them with daily decisions on how the consumers wish to spend their day.  The activities thus far identified include: local volunteer sites at businesses and other social service agencies for which our consumers will exercise job readiness skills. Some of these skills include:  food preparation, clerical work, maintenance  duties, and landscaping.  Other options for a typical day include travel training, community inclusion  and integration, money management skills, and computer classes.  Our consumers also have the option to attend arts and crafts exercises with our art consultant and field trips to recreational, educational, and cultural events throughout the city.

who can receive our services?
In order for a person to qualify for the services of
Creative LifeStyles, Inc., a person must have:

1.   A Developmental Disability and/or a full range IQ of 69 or below, which is verified by a psychological evaluation conducted by a licensed psychologist.

2.   Medicaid Eligibility

3.   Be a Bronx Resident

for more information,
contact us:

67 Bruckner Blvd.
Bronx, New York 10454
Tel. (718) 665-7002
Fax. (718) 401-6597

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