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Flatbush Tenant Coalition Paid Internship

Flatbush Tenant Coalition Paid Internship Opportunity for High School and College-Aged Youth

The Flatbush Tenant Coalition is a group of tenant associations working to build tenant power in Brooklyn. Through community organizing, peer mentorship, education, and collaboration with other social justice organizations, the Coalition develops and supports skilled, informed, and active tenant leaders who organize their buildings to obtain repairs and identify, plan, and carry out tenant rights campaigns.

The Coalition is hiring one high school aged (15-18) and one college-aged (19-23) summer intern for COMMUNITY ORGANIZING positions. Interns will work with tenant associations to help tenants obtain repairs in their apartment buildings. Interns will assist Coalition staff and members to organize meetings and trainings for tenants; coordinate "group outreach days" to document housing conditions; and develop and carry-out campaigns for repairs.

Interns will work 20 to 25 hours per week and will be paid $10/hour. The internships will begin approximately June 1, 2012 for 8 to 10 weeks. Interns must be able to work some weekdays, some weekday evenings, and some weekends.

QUALIFICATIONS: To apply, you must be 15 to 23 years old and:
● Be comfortable using computers Have strong reading comprehension, writing, and math skills
● Have strong critical reasoning and analytic skills; and excellent verbal communication skills
● Work well with others as part of a team
● Be able to follow instructions and be open to constructive criticism
● Take initiative to meet challenges and move a project forward
● Haitian-Creole or Spanish/English bilingual is preferred, but not required.
● Previous volunteer or community work experience, or experience being part of a sports or other team is preferred but not required. Appropriate work attire (business casual) is required.

TO APPLY: Please submit BOTH:
1) a resume ( if you have no work experience, please submit a "beginner's resume" outlining your academic interests, extra-curricular activities, and special skills), and

2) a one or two paragraph "essay" explaining what you expect to contribute to the community through this internship and what you hope to get from the experience.

You can submit your resume and essay by email to:

Or, you can mail or drop off your resume and essay:

Aga Trojniak
Coordinator - Flatbush Tenant Coalition
1616 Newkirk Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11226

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