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3400 Reservoir Oval East   Bronx, NY  10467
BID HOTLINE: 718.324.4946


The Jerome Avenue-Gun Hill Road Business Improvement District (BID), is currently one of SIX BID’s in the Bronx and 54 throughout
New York City. Its catchment area includes the following streets: Jerome Avenue between Mosholu Parkway and East Gun Hill Road and East Gun Hill Road between Jerome and Webster Avenues. It serves over 200 businesses, which range in size from small mom and pop operations to local and national chains.

The BID acts as a liaison with local merchants and Bronx/New York City government agencies to help ensure that merchants are up-to-date on the latest changes in regulations and that they can obtain guidance and information when dealing directly with various city and state agencies. It also works with property owners of vacant space by suggesting new businesses that would provide a needed product or service that is lacking in the neighborhood. In order to maximize its retail mix, the BID works with property owners of vacant space by suggesting new businesses that would provide a needed product or service. In addition to working with merchants and property owners, the BID provides street sanitation and graffiti removal services, and has installed security cameras in the area.


A clean neighborhood and shopping district promotes a sense of well-being and encourages community growth. (To that end, the BID is committed to providing top-notch sanitation services for the area. The BID cleans the sidewalks and removes  garbage seven days a week.) This makes a significant difference, as this year the BID received one of the city’s highest scorecard ratings of 100% for street cleanliness and 93.9% for sidewalk cleanliness on the Mayor’s Office of Operations Sanitation Scorecard. In addition, the BID works closely with merchants to try ensure that they follow city regulations including proper garbage disposal, cleaning of storefronts and monitoring sidewalk displays and excess clutter that can detract from the congenial atmosphere of the shopping area.



In partnership with the 52nd Precinct,
security cameras have been installed,
and the 52nd Precinct has increased
patrols in the area to provide a more
secure shopping district.

Graffiti Removal

The BID continues to consistently remove graffiti on a weekly basis through its collaboration with Partners in Grime. Nothing discourages a graffiti vandal more than to know that their work will be removed as quickly as the next day. In addition, the BID has successfully partnered with the 52nd Precinct’s undercover graffiti task force to apprehend graffiti vandals in the act.

Promotions & Projects

This BID has decided to channel more of its budget into the area of promotions. Many of the merchants in the Jerome Avenue-Gun Hill Road area do not have a large budget for advertising and by promoting the shopping district as a whole, the BID can increase the viability of all the businesses in the area. In addition, the BID’s products and services were marketed to district residents, employees and shoppers through a variety of advertising mediums as part of our year round promotional campaign. Promotions and projects include; 

BID Maps/Directory
BID Shopping Bags
Holiday Promotions (Christmas, Easter/Spring, Back to
Halloween Candy Give-Away
Thanksgiving Raffle
Valentine’s Day Raffle
Holiday Lighting
Christmas Tree
Season’s Greeting commercials on Cablevision
Print Ads in the Norwood News & Daily News
Store Front Renovation Program
Bus Ads
BID Newsletter

Store Front Renovation Program

The Store Front Renovation Program is designed to help local merchants improve the external look of their business and, in the process, improve the overall aesthetic quality of the district. The BID provides matching grants of up to $4,000 to qualified merchants in an effort to offset the financial burden of business owners. Capitalizing on this generous offer, a few establishments have already opted to renovate and many more are in the application process. For additional information and application forms regarding the Store Front Renovation Program, pleas call the BID HOTLINE at 718-324-4946 or email us at  

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