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Call 1.866.ONE NURSE (1.866.663.6877)
for more information on any of our programs.

*Specialized Care*    *Dedicated Professional Staff*
*A Full Compliment of On-Site Health Care Resources*
*Expert Clinical Care*    *Hospice Program*    *Respite Program*

*Nutritional Needs*


*Skilled, Compassionate Nursing*


*Rehabilitation Services*
Our highly trained therapists develop individualized rehabilitation programs for our long-term residents or for those who come to Hebrew Hospital Home for short-term rehabilitation therapy.

Well-balanced, appetizing meals.
Dieticians, food services managers and supervisors, and dietary workers give careful attention to the particular nutritional needs of each and every resident. Meals are kosher-style: Based on Jewish tradiiton and our heritage.
Snacks and nutritional
supplements are available.

*Personal Services*
To ensure that our residents looks and feel their best, an on-site beauty shop and barber services are available.

*Social Services*
Our staff of caring social workers and
counselors are readily available to offer guidance and emotional support to residents and their families in individual consultation or group sessions.


*Religious Observances*

Diverse faiths and cultural beliefs are represented at Hebrew Hospital home. Jewish, Catholic, and Protestant clergy members make regular visits and hold religious services n a weekly basis and on religious holidays.


*Therapeutic Recreation
Creative Arts Therapies*


Call 1.866.ONE NURSE (1.866.663.6877)
for more information on any of our programs.



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